OARS confirms Buster’s adoption; on the lookout for donations to assist cats like him

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UPDATE: Orphan Animal Rescue and Sanctuary (OARS) confirmed that Buster, the cat whose story was shared across the world on Facebook, has been adopted.

The cat has suffered many hardships, including a dislocated hip, burns and frostbite on the ears. OARS says the family who adopted him recently lost two elderly cats and a “5 year old dog who missed his siblings”.

Despite the viral attention Buster’s story received, only $ 80 has so far been raised to cover his medical treatment, according to OARS.

The organization is fully funded by donations, and OARS is asking for donations, either in cash or to meet needs from its Amazon wish list so it can take care of other animals. Please visit OARS ‘Facebook Page for details, CLICK HERE for the Facebook Page and CLICK HERE for the Sanctuary website.

NEENAH, Wisconsin (WBAY) – An Orphan Animal Rescue and Sanctuary (OARS) viral post on Facebook regarding a cat named Buster sparked a wave of inquiries to help the cat find its fur-forever home.

As Action 2 News reported last week, a recent post about six-year-old Buster went viral, shared a thousand times, and reached hundreds of thousands of people. The post says Buster’s life was tough. He survived a winter outside. He was brought to the rescue with a dislocated hip, broken and infected teeth, frozen ears, scabs, club tail and more.

However, after receiving messages from people around the world – including those in several other countries hoping to adopt the “great treasure” – volunteers say they are no longer accepting Buster adoption applications. The sanctuary received hundreds of submissions as well as thousands of inquiries.

“What we did is narrow it down to good fits for Buster, we have meetings and greetings, people are coming in. But hoping to accommodate him, hopefully he can go home with his eternal family next week. ” “Said Heather Barber, Vice President of OARS.

Though the window has been closed for Buster, the charity rescue has 13 more cats available for adoption, and their Facebook page is always posting posts about the other animals.

Volunteers never expected Buster’s story to be this successful. The original post was shared more than 12,000 times and reached nearly 1.8 million people.

“When I released Buster, I saw the number of shares and likes go up and up and we found that he went viral and it hasn’t stopped, it continues to this day. So we’ve seen interest in Buster literally all over the world – from Europe, France, Australia, New Zealand, every state in the US, ”said Barber.

Volunteers with OARS said Buster had a tough history before being taken to the rescue about a month ago, who was most likely abandoned or ran away.

“He had crusts all over his head, a burn on his head, and his tail is broken and crooked. He also had some infected canines and we ended up planning a dentist for him and removing them, ”said Jenny Gassner, Chief Medical Advisor at OARS.

“But I think when I talked to the prospective adopters, it seems like everyone is connected to Buster on some level, everyone has felt lost or abandoned, or like they don’t look quite right or have health issues, and.. that’s how it happens people and everyone just fell in love with him, ”explained Barber.

The post on Buster helped OARS remind people that there are 13 other cats that also need forever homes. As a non-profit organization, they rely exclusively on donations for everything.

“The fee for an adult cat is $ 50, which we put into neutering, neutering if it’s not done, all of their vaccines, everything, it costs hundreds to thousands of dollars for some of these cats,” said Billie Jorae, the President of OAR.

CLICK HERE to donate to the rescue or adopt one of their cats.

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