Oakland Family Dental Now Utilizes Innovative i-CAT Technology as Part of their Dental Implant Services

At Oakland Family Dental they provide life changing general oral health care

WATERFORD, MI/ ACCESSWIRE / June 30, 2021 / Oakland Family Dental is proud to announce that they are using new cutting edge technology in dental implant treatments to create stunning smiles, change people’s lives and improve their dental experience.

As an Oakland Family Dental spokesperson noted, they strive to provide the most advanced technology whenever possible and are constantly updating their procedures and equipment to achieve this goal.

For example, Oakland Family Dental is now using the X-Guide (TM) dynamic navigation system as part of their dental implant procedures, which increases control, accuracy and reduces the time patients spend in the dental chair. In addition, Oakland Family Dental uses 3D scanners to achieve better fits and shorter waiting times for patients by designing and printing it in-house. The practice also uses the innovative i-CAT technology to take extremely clear 2D and 3D X-ray images. In addition to clear imaging, the i-CAT maximizes the patient’s posture and creates a full-resolution 3D image with a lower dose than 2D panoramic X-rays.

“Our cutting-edge technology simplifies your time with us and delivers results you can rely on,” said the spokesman, adding that the more accurate results mean patients get a shorter treatment plan that is tailored to their needs, and a faster one Recovery.

To learn more about Oakland Family Dental and the services it offers, please visit https://www.dentalimplantsoaklandcounty.com/testimonials/.

Oakland Family Dental offers everything from single dentures to multiple dentures to full arch replacements, all of which are intended to not only change a person’s smile, but also have a positive impact on their life.

In addition to dental implants, Oakland Family Dental offers a number of other services including cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry, emergency services and more.

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No matter what type of dental service they provide, Oakland Family Dental strives to use the most cutting edge technology. For example, as part of the Invisalign services they provide, they will use an iTero Element (R) scanner to create a 3D image of the patient’s teeth.

“In this way, we can personalize each set of aligners so that it can accurately predict the desired results,” explains Dr. Amanda Sheehan, adding that the iTero scanner helps create a unique treatment plan for the patient without messing up the impression trays.

Oakland Family Dental recently became a Diplomat on the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine and now also offers oral devices that help manage sleep apnea and eliminate the need for a bulky and noisy CPAP machine. The oral appliance helps move the jaw forward and can be used to treat snoring, facial pain, and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea.

The fact that Oakland Family Dental offers so many innovative services doesn’t come as a surprise to the many satisfied patients at the facility. The staff has built a well-earned reputation for providing life changing dental health and helping people with their oral health.

About Oakland Family Dental:

At Oakland Family Dental, they set the bar high with excellent, patient-centered care and exceptional results. Their dedicated Waterford team offers comprehensive services such as cosmetic, family and emergency dentistry, as well as dental implants and sleep apnea treatment. Please visit https://oaklandfamilydental.com/ for more information.

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