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Nutra Bites are a range of cat treats specifically designed to help cats who may have excess weight accumulated on their bodies. The treats are low in calories and get a nutritious amount of chicken liver with every bite.

What are Nutra Bites?

Finding healthy treats for cats is not an easy task, although most pet owners want their cats to show a little affection with a tasty inducement. These type of treats are a great way to train pets and give them a little pampering, but most companies don’t make their remedies with healthy ingredients. Instead, they end up giving your cat all of the ingredients that cause him to gain weight without adequate moderation. This is where the Nutra Bites came in.

Nutra Bites enables users to give their cat the pleasure it wants to offer while increasing the likelihood of better digestion. The treats are small enough for cats to consume in a few bites, and are made with real protein and low in calories. Because these treats are made from real ingredients, users don’t have to worry about damaging their cat’s tummy. Instead, users will find that their cats are actually able to lose extra weight in order to regain their healthy figure.

The fact that these treats are high in necessary vitamins and minerals is exactly what a cat needs, which is a bonus. There are no fillers or by-products, and there are no counterfeit ingredients that would otherwise harm the health of the user.

Buy Nutra Bites

Right now, the easiest way to consistently buy Nutra Bites is through the cure’s official website. There are several options available on the website depending on how many bags users want to buy at one time. By ordering multiple sachets, users save the price of the Nutra Bites goodies.


  • A bag for $ 16.99
  • Three bags for $ 44.97
  • Six bags for $ 83.94

All of these bags are resealable to make sure it stays fresh. Plus, shipping is free on orders over $ 50. If the user finds that this formula does not fit well, they have up to 90 days to receive a refund.

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Frequently asked questions about Nutra Bites

Why is Nutra Bites formula different from other brands’ goodies?

Most of the other goodies are simply meant to be tasty pet snacks filled with ingredients like wheat flour and corn syrup. If they contain protein at all, it is usually from an inferior source and often tops up the rest of the recipe with corn and rice. In Nutra Bites, cats only receive healthy nutrients with high quality chicken liver as the only ingredient.

How does using Nutra Bites help the client’s cat?

The Nutra Bites provide cats with a low-calorie treat and help them keep their weight healthy. They keep the user free of the additives and fillers that most other goodies offer. Chicken liver is an excellent source of nutrients for cats and provides them with the protein they need. You are also naturally getting the foods that chicken livers contain, including vitamin A, vitamin B, iron, taurine, phosphorus, zinc, and fatty acids, all of which help improve digestion.

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How do customers know if Nutra Bites is right for their cat?

Using a treat is an easy way for consumers to encourage good behavior in their can, reward them for following instructions, or just give them a little pampering. Cats of all sizes deserve regular treats, and this particular treat is fairly low in calories and high in healthy nutrients. Because it helps with proper digestion, it can also help animals who are having trouble digesting their food properly.

What are the pure ingredients in Nutra Bites?

The only ingredient in Nutra Bites is chicken liver. To ensure that the user gets everything they need from this treat, the company subjects the treats to extensive tests for purity and potency.

What if the customer’s cat doesn’t eat Nutra Bites’ chicken liver treats?

Most likely, this problem will not be the case. All of these goodies are made from freeze-dried chicken liver. However, if the cat isn’t ready to indulge in these treats, users can get a full refund within 90 days by contacting Customer Service.

Is Chicken Liver a Better Source of Nutrients than Beef Liver?

Yes. The nutrients in chicken are much higher quality and more nutritious than those in beef liver. It’s also leaner and lower in calories, so it’s especially helpful for pet owners who need to improve their cat’s health.

What nutrients are naturally present in chicken livers?

Vitamin A, iron, B vitamins, zinc, and essential fatty acids are the main nutrients cats get when they eat these treats. Vitamin A is good for cat bone growth, reproductive system, and eye health. Iron is used to improve overall cell health, although B vitamins help keep the digestive and nervous systems working properly. Zinc is used to promote proper thyroid function in the cat while inducing an improvement in immunity to other fatty diseases. The fatty acids also help keep the heart and skin healthy.

Consumers interested in finding out more information about this company can email the customer service team at You can also call (800) 604-5827.

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Nutra Bites offers users a healthy treat for their cats to show them a little more love without the extra calories. The remedy is not a necessary part of the diet, but the ingredients used are completely natural and helpful for the digestive system. Users can add these treats to their pet’s daily diet or they can be used as an intermittent incentive for good behavior.

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