Now you can pet the canine (however not the cats) in Civilization 6

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As excited as we are about all of the Civ Balance changes and the new units introduced in yesterday’s Civ 6 patch, there is a new feature that causes a specific itch. We can now pet the dog in Civilization 6.

“What dog ?!” I hear you cry – an early game unit known as the Scout has a canine companion who travels with him while he explores the map. Scouts are quite weak in combat situations, but have high stats for movement and range of vision. This makes them useful for exploring the map and discovering other Civ 6 civilizations and settlement locations.

The April Patch has now introduced a new “Pet the Dog” button on the Scout’s ability bar, as shown in this video on Reddit. Clicking on it will trigger a new animation in which the human spins and pats his loyal dog. But wait, it gets better! Or worse, whichever side of the line you are sitting on – it turns out that you are not allowed to pet the cat.

“What cat?” Anything you roar like a cat. Well, a while back Firaxis ran a special that, if you signed up for a 2K account, you could unlock a new, unique skin for the Scout Unit, which replaces the dog with several cats. Although the new Pet button is still there, it’s disabled on the alternate skin, as demonstrated in this Reddit thread:

That’s it. 0/10 Worst update ever! by civ

Here you go. You can pet the dog, but not the cats. If you ask me, all pets are trash anyway, so this is all nonsense. The April Balance Patch was the last update released as part of the New Frontier Season Pass.

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For now, the developers have not confirmed what will come next for the 4X strategy game, but we hope to return next week with a more in-depth analysis of what this patch has done for the health of Civ 6.