North Shields cat nursed back to health after being found with serious chemical burns from ‘tar’

One cat was nursed to health by RSPCA staff after they were found burns to their mouth, tongue and throat that forced it to be tube-fed.

The unfortunate cat named Grace was rescued by an inspector in North Shields in August and was completely covered in a black sticky substance that staff believed was oil, tar, or anti-burglary paint.

The stray dog ​​also had serious mouth injuries which RSPCA officials suspected might be a broken or dislocated jaw. The injuries found to be burns to the tongue and palate, which were red and ulcerated.

It is believed that Grace sustained these injuries to her mouth and tongue while trying to rid herself of the dangerous substance.

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Dedicated employees of the RSPCA took care of the “dear and loving” cat for three months, which has recovered fantastically.

Cattery Supervisor Catherine Neasham of the Felledge Animal Center in Tyne & Wear said, “Grace was brought in on a Sunday while I was working and was covered in a black sticky substance. We’re not 100% sure what it was, but it looked like tar or anti-burglary paint.

“At the time we couldn’t look in her mouth properly and when she tried to eat her jaw looked crooked, so at first we thought she had a broken or dislocated jaw. She also drooled excessively and drooled.

“After watching her eat, we put on a pair of gloves, opened her mouth, and got a terrible odor. We could see burns on her tongue and roof of the mouth and quickly brought her back to the vets. “

Vets sedated her and found that her mouth was ulcerated and red.

She did not have a broken jaw, but the injuries and burns in her mouth and throat were very serious and affected her ability to eat, so she inserted a feeding tube.

She was kept with the vets for four days, given pain medication, and bathed every day to try to wash off the sticky substance.

The stray cat named Grace is now looking for a new home and the RSPCA staff say she will make a wonderful lap cat

Catherine said, “We started feeding her soft food and after eight days we were able to remove the feeding tube.

“We continued to bathe her daily and stopped her pain relief. It took several months for her mouth to heal and now we are thrilled that Grace is back in full health and ready to find a loving home.

“Her injuries left her tongue with a strange shape, but that only adds to her quirky and lovable character. Despite all the treatment she has been through and the pain she must have endured, she is the most loving and affectionate cat. She will make such a wonderful lap cat. “

If you think you can give Grace a forever home, please contact to learn more about her.

To continue supporting the RSPCA in the rescue, rehabilitation and housing of animals in urgent need of care, please visit their website or call the donation number 0300 123 8181.

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