North Korea’s Kim Jong-un orders elimination of cats, pigeons to cease COVID-19 unfold

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North Korea’s ruler Kim Jong Un | Image credit: AP

Key highlights

  • North Korea criticizes countries for storing excessive supplies of COVID-19 vaccines
  • North Korea has banned tourists from restricting cross-border traffic and trade to curb the spread of the coronavirus

Pyongyang: In a bizarre order, North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un has ordered the armed forces to eliminate all cats and pigeons as he believes they are bringing COVID-19 across the border from China, the Daily NK website reported.

Citing sources, Daily NK reported that the dictator had announced several measures to contain the coronavirus outbreak in North Korea, including ordering “exterminate street cats” and shooting any cats or birds that attempt to enter the country from the Chinese border to enter.

Notably, the daily also stated that a family was punished and kept in isolation for 20 days for raising a cat in their home.

The Korean authorities are also forcing locals to kill animals as Kim fears they will bring the deadly virus across the border from China.

The report goes on to say that Korean citizens have called the order “irrational”.
Meanwhile, North Korea has heavily criticized some countries for storing excessive stocks of COVID-19 vaccines.

“The development of COVID-19 vaccines and drugs could be the achievement for common mankind, while an unfair reality is to see that some countries are sourcing and stocking vaccines more than they need by clearly inspiring vaccine nationalism when other countries can do so. “Not even at their affordability,” said the Yonhap news agency.
The Korean regime has also asked the World Health Organization (WHO) to help ensure the equitable distribution of COVID vaccines around the world.