No need to be a scaredy cat around these fabulous felines

October 31 – Sparkle was the acting FEO – Feline Executive Officer – while at Paws and Whiskers.

While others worked, Sparkle sparkled, well, at the reception desk at Toledo’s only cat-only shelter in Hillwyck Dr. 32, said manager Sara Baker. It was those huge green eyes, the majestic whiskers, and the luxurious tuxedo coat.

Yes, Sparkle is a black cat – a group that is mysterious and misunderstood, but also mischievous and wonderful.

“You are elegant. You stand out, ”enthused Ms. Baker.

Black fur is most common in cats because the genes for their coloring are dominant. And in ancient Egypt, black cats were considered a symbol of luck. But these paw kittens are often the last to be adopted, presumably due to superstitions dating back to the Salem witch trials in the 17th century.

In fact, many animal shelters do not allow black cats to be adopted at this time of year due to persistent welfare concerns.

“We don’t let anyone adopt a black cat on Halloween,” Ms. Baker said. They keep potential pet parents waiting until early November to find their match.

The Black Cats Are Good Luck Facebook group is just a unit trying to dispel the negative myths and encourage members to celebrate their “Mini-Panther-Arta-Ninja-Purrfect-Furball”[s.]”Social media has helped tremendously,” confirmed Ms. Baker.

In addition to Sparkle, several other black cats have been cared for at Paws and Whiskers lately.

Davey is “one of our ‘pirate cats'”, Ms. Baker said when speaking at the shelter last month, “because of his one eye.” Mostly black with a tuft of white across the chest, he and his non-black siblings – W. (Will) Turner and Barbossa – overcame significant health concerns and were “some of the cutest cats we’ve ever had”.

There was Jim, too, wearing a uniquely speckled pepper and salt coat. He was in the exclusive room reserved for FeLV positives.

The story goes on

“To be and have a black cat [feline] Leukemia is a double blow, “said Ms. Baker, still hopeful of his prospects because of his playful disposition.” If you bend down, he’ll crawl on your back. “

Nash also took care of the one-two punch. But he found his BFF Candie in the FeLV room, which made them a related couple to be adopted together.

Ms. Baker, who proudly claims she has “literally the best job in the world,” has six cats at home – one of them, Nigel, is black. “And I have all that [who are] loved and treated like my own, “she said as she looked around the shelter at the dozen waiting for their fur families to find them.

“Come and adopt, please,” invited Ms. Baker, regardless of whether it was a beautiful black cat or some other color (or colors).

“We have so many wonderful cats!”

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