Nice Falls group asking for assist for a blind and deaf canine

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BIG FALLS – An online Great Falls community is calling for help from the public after helping a blind and deaf dog find a safe place to sleep tonight.

The post on the Lost & Found Pets in Great Falls Facebook page earlier on Tuesday said that an older male brown lab was found wandering the Sunnyside area.

Shanley Day said she reunited the dog with his owner only to see him being physically abused. She turned to the lost property group again for help. A site administrator confirmed that several others also witnessed the event and reported the sighting.

Members called the Cascade County Sheriff’s office to intervene, but officials and site administrators told residents their hands were tied, with no video demonstrating the abuse.

Susan Bliler saw the position and decided to take matters into her own hands. She drove to the owner’s apartment and offered Tank $ 200 in cash. He will now stay with her while they look for a new owner.

Susan posted an update on Wednesday evening: “This boy, Tank, has just bathed, got new dishes, ate a bowl of nibbles, and is resting quietly in front of the fire. Ahwoooooo! “

The tank is due to be examined by a vet Thursday morning at 8 a.m. to resolve a number of health issues.

Anyone interested in donating to support Tank’s medical expenses can call Best Friends Animal Hospital at 406-453-2200.

We asked the Sheriff’s Office for more information on reporting animal abuse to authorities.