Newsfeed Now: Utah academics cease tried kidnapping of scholars.Paralyzed veterinarian learns the way to stroll once more

Contributors: May 28, 2021 / 11:27 a.m. (EDT)Updated: May 28, 2021 / 11:31 am (EDT)

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(NEXSTAR) – It should be a nationally known star gathering event to commemorate the terrible tragedy in Tulsa’s Greenwood neighborhood. 100 years after the white mob destroyed “Black Wall Street”, the famous Remember and Rise ceremony was later canceled.

See the full text in Oklahoma News 4.

Oklahoma City police officers were fired on suspicion of multiple misconduct, including failing to collect amputated ears at the scene.

See the full text in Oklahoma News 4.

Armed teachers in Utah have thwarted attempted kidnapping attempts by students.

ABC4 Show full text in Utah

Infrastructure bill negotiations between Senate Republicans and President Biden have entered a new phase after Senators announced $ 928 billion.

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The Alabama governor has launched a new initiative to prevent veterans from committing suicide.

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As Memorial Day approaches on Monday, West Virginia has already begun a celebration on a mission called Carry the Road to regain the true meaning of Memorial Day and to honor the country’s heroes.

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A paralyzed veterinarian in New Orleans receives an exoskeleton from VA Hospital and learns to walk again. Celebrate a vacation weekend with a hero story

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Newsfeed Now: Utah teachers are no longer trying to kidnap students. The paralyzed vet learns how to walk again

Source link Newsfeed Now: Utah teachers stop attempted kidnapping of students. Paralyzed vet learns to walk again

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