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The 4-H cat show was held Thursday at the St. Joseph County Grange Fair.

It is one of the first shows to be held at the fair. Five 4-H students took part with a total of six cats.

Participation has declined since the pandemic, said Sandy Sumy, longtime superintendent for 4-H cats. In 2020 the fair did not take place. In 2019, around 15 students took part, she said.

According to Sumy, cats are judged on such aspects as cleanliness, general health, and personality.

There are prizes for showmanship that is more focused on the student than the cat. There are also awards for cage decorations, notebooks, and creative cat crafts.

The “Feline Personality Award” went to Gwendolyn Gentz ​​’cat Pongo (aka Mr. Meowgi) for his “Catity”, said judge Alex deFinta, who judged together with his wife Denise Noble.

“He’s definitely not happy to be here,” said deFinta of Pongo.

Further awards went to the following students:

  • Long-haired cat: Sara Finley.
  • Shorthair cats: 1. Annamarie Roberts, 2. Haylee Pappas, 3. Kylee VanWormer.
  • Champion bitch: Annamarie Roberts.
  • Reserve champion bitch: Sara Finley.
  • Winners: Sara Finley.
  • Reserve winner male: Gwendolyn Gentz.
  • Long haired tomcat: Sara Finley.
  • Shorthair cat: Gwendolyn Gentz.
  • Grand Master: Annamarie Roberts.
  • Reserve Grand Champion: Sara Finley.
  • Feline Personality Award: Gwendolyn Gentz.
  • Best of show cat keeping: Haylee Pappas.
  • Junior Showmanship: First to Third: Kylee VanWormer, Gwendolyn Gentz ​​and Annamarie Roberts.
  • Interim showmanship: Haylee Pappas.
  • Senior Showmanship: Sara Finley.
  • Best of Show Cage Decorating: Gwendolyn Gentz.
  • Best of Show Cat Craft: Sara Finley.

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