Newest GCSO dog, Raven, ready for service

Grayson County’s Assistant Sheriff Mark Haning and his newest dog, Raven

There’s nothing like a new four-legged family member to brighten up a day. Recently, Grayson County’s newest dog, Raven, was introduced.

The 13-month-old Belgian Malinois will be living with the same Grayson County Sheriff’s officer who trained and worked with Thor, who retired a few months ago due to health concerns. Deputy Mark Haning said both dogs would live with his family. The only difference will be that these days Raven will be working with him and not Thor.

Grayson County’s Sheriff’s Captain Mary Hall said Raven was a dueling dog because not only can she sniff for drugs, but she can also be used for tracking purposes. The $ 13,000 the county paid for the dog came from seizures.

“She was in a commissioner’s court the other day, and that was the first time I met her,” said Hall. He said the friendly, barely-grown dog climbed right into his lap, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a purely business side.

They expect her to be out there sniffing drugs, just like Thor did. Hall teased that it was bought with seized funds, local drug dealers actually buying the county’s newest drug control asset.

The dog was bought from Poland.

GCSO's newest team member, Raven, met with district officials on Tuesday.

GCSO’s newest team member, Raven, met with district officials on Tuesday.

This article originally appeared on Herald Democrat: Grayson County’s Newest Dog, Raven, Ready for Service

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