New Wellness CORE® Digestive Well being Recipes from Wellness® Pure Pet Meals Promote Wellbeing for Canine and Cats, Beginning with Intestine Well being

TEWKSBURY, Mass., January 25, 2021 / PRNewswire / – There’s nothing pets love more than a good abdominal massage, and now they’re having happy bellies for a new reason. Wellness® Natural Pet Food, maker of feed and treats for dogs and cats, presents Wellness CORE® Digestive Health, a range of recipes made from digestive enzymes, prebiotic fibers and probiotics to promote wellbeing from the inside out.

Wellness CORE® Digestive Health recipes are made from prebiotic fibers and probiotics to promote well-being from the inside out.

Wellness CORE® Digestive Health recipes are made from prebiotic fibers and probiotics to promote well-being from the inside out.

Wellness CORE® Digestive Health recipes are made from prebiotic fibers and probiotics to promote well-being from the inside out.

A healthy pet starts with a happy tummy because gut health goes beyond the digestive system. Digestive health is responsible for seventy percent of the immune system, affects general wellbeing, and helps protect against toxins and allergens. Wellness CORE Digestive Health products are highly digestible, support a healthy microbiome and immunity, promote glossy fur and skin, and promote vitality for optimal energy, which helps pets achieve overall body health. This addition to the Wellness CORE family is scientifically engineered by a team of nutritionists to support digestive health and promote the best of pets.

The new CORE Digestive Health line of products is in response to the growing number of pet parents who want to naturally support the digestive health of their pets through their daily meals and food sources. Research conducted by wellness[1] showed that 78 percent of pet parents rate easier digestion or better digestion as extremely or very important when weighing the health benefits of dogs or cats. Wellness CORE Digestive Health is available in both dry and wet recipes and offers a product for every pet belly:

  • Wellness CORE Digestive Health Probiotic coated kibble recipes with healthy grains are formulated without the addition of wheat, corn, soy or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Coated with probiotics, the probiotic-coated snacks are made from digestive enzymes and a unique blend of prebiotic fibers to support digestive health for wellbeing. Kibble recipes for dogs are available in the Whitefish and Brown Rice, Chicken and Brown Rice, and Small Breed Chicken & Brown Rice recipes. Kibble recipes for cats are available in the Chicken & Rice and Salmon & Rice recipes.
  • Wellness CORE Digestive Health pie recipes offer hearty taste and texture with superfoods like pumpkin and papaya to promote digestive health, and omega-3 fatty acids to care for skin and coat, and essential vitamins and minerals to support immunity. Dog pie recipes are available in the Chicken, Beef, and Lamb Recipes. A variety of pie with chicken and beef recipes is available. Cats can enjoy pate wet recipes in chicken, Turkey, Whitefish and salmon recipes or choose several flavors in the Chicken & Turkey Variety package and Salmon & Whitefish variety package.

“At wellness, the root of what we do is promoting the best lives for our pets. The Wellness CORE Digestive Health line is our latest innovation for delivering what pet parents want and what pets need for general well-being.” said Dr. Danielle Bernal, Veterinarian at Wellness Natural Pet Food. “We seek it for ourselves, we seek it for our pets for the same reason: Digestive health is the gateway to whole body wellbeing. We are proud to bring our first digestive enzyme feed to the market through this innovative new family.” of products. “

The recipes for Wellness CORE Digestive Health are now available in pet stores and online retailers. You can find more information on our wellness website in the AREA OF PURCHASE or contact us via CHAT. We’re here to help! To learn more about Wellness and Wellness CORE Digestive Health, please visit

About Wellness®: At Wellness, a pet nutrition company, we made it our mission to raise the bar for pet food because we believe that making the right meal choices is the foundation of long, happy coexistence. That is why we do things right and not easy – we focus 100 percent on natural nutrition, make our pet food and treat recipes that are carefully selected and carefully prepared. That means we use the best, natural ingredients, ensure the highest quality standards, and create delicious recipes that pets crave to make every meal count. As you know, we know our pets give us unconditional love, and uncompromising diet is one way we can do the same for them. This includes pets in need. With the Wellness® Foundation, we support organizations across the country that, like us, are committed to ensuring that every pet on the planet is born, bred and raised with love. To learn more about Wellness Natural Pet Food, visit and, and find Wellness on Instagram and Twitter: @wellnesspetfood.

1 Hanover Research Group survey of US cat or dog owners, May 2020.

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