New Veterinary Clinic is Coming to Driggs Ave

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Bond Vet, a new veterinary clinic and emergency care for pets, is celebrating its opening on Tuesday, November 30th at 625 Driggs Avenue by donating all proceeds from the first day to Badass Animal Rescue, also in Brooklyn.

With the growing number of pandemic pets and the general pet-friendliness of the area, Bond aims to provide convenient, high-quality care to both pets and their owners in an area where open veterinary appointments are rare.

“I know there are some already [veterinary offices] in the area but in terms of population density and the number of vets there is still an option to offer a service in my opinion. It’s such a vibrant neighborhood where pet ownership is so highly valued that it seemed like a breeze, ”said Dr. Jake Jaffe, Medical Director of Bond’s new Williamsburg location, on the decision to expand into the neighborhood.

But the practice aims to meet more than just one basic need – goals include relieving stress for patients and pet parents, as well as creating a positive environment for staff to avoid burnout in an area where it is usually high.

“We really try to make the experience as pleasant as possible by being friendly and accommodating and having plenty of options for booking appointments,” Jaffe explained. “On the other side of things [Bond] strives to create a good working environment for employees by conveying a good culture, positive experiences, good social benefits and good, qualified and friendly support staff who think outside the box. “

Bond also works to have ample availability and walk-in appointments throughout the day, and provides a 24-hour hotline to connect customers with their trained support staff made up of licensed veterinary technicians.

The decision to support Badass Animal Rescue was inspired by Jaffe’s personal experience with the organization during 15 years in the veterinary field.

“The fact that it’s a Brooklyn-based rescue organization that I saw, and I was pleased with the way they handled their admission, and even with the people I met and those through Brooklyn.” Badass adopted, I enjoyed meeting them and working with them and their pets. I think they are doing a very good job, ”said Jaffe.

Jaffe and Bond hope to continue building relationships with other local rescue groups and pet owners, and they are working towards that goal, including their grand opening ceremony. Their first event, Dogwarts, takes place on Tuesday November 30th from 12pm to 3pm and features a Harry Potter themed butterbeer, red carpet and free swag.

“People love to get to know other pet owners, so it’s a nice service for us to bring people together in the community so we can get things done as safely as possible,” said Jaffe. “We are very excited about this opportunity in Williamsburg.”