New investigation begins into dog muzzle sent to Dr. Fiscus

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) – Metro police have launched an investigation into who Dr. Michelle Fiscus sent a dog muzzle.

Fiscus served as the state’s chief vaccines officer until she was released from the Tennessee Department of Health last month. She had been scrutinized by Republican lawmakers over efforts by TDH to vaccinate teenagers against COVID-19.

After the dog muzzle was sent to her, a report was filed with the Tennessee Department of Homeland Security, which found that the package was sent from an Amazon account on behalf of Fiscus.

“Based on the information that Amazon provided us with a subpoena, and on information from interviews, there is no evidence that the dog muzzle Dr. Fiscus should threaten. The results of this research show that purchases from both Amazon accounts “made by the same American Express credit card on behalf of Dr. Michelle D. Fiscus have been charged, “the Homeland Security report said.” At this point, there appears to be no threat to Dr. To give Fiscus in connection with the preservation of the dog’s muzzle. “

The case was then closed.

Fiscus dismissed the results, saying it had not met a second Amazon account on her behalf until the report was published.

During an interview with NewsChannel 5, Fiscus admitted the muzzle charge appeared on their statement from American Express, but repeatedly denied purchasing the item.

“I can’t tell you how that happened, other than using that credit card to buy trips and sign up for conferences and other things that have been reimbursed by the state of Tennessee,” said Fiscus.

She added that she felt the state’s report was full of inconsistencies. She said that a second Amazon account has been set up on her behalf with a burner phone with T-Mobile service and she does not use that provider. Also, the Amazon account gave her office as the billing address, which she said is not the address associated with her credit card

On August 20, after Homeland Security closed its case and released the investigation, Fiscus called the Metro Nashville Police Department fraud unit to report the harassment. She told investigators that she found the Amazon package in her office on July 7th and interpreted the muzzle as a threat. She claims she never ordered it.

Metro police have confirmed that they have opened an investigation into the incident.

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