New ebook explores learn how to be a happier, more healthy canine proprietor

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A University of Liverpool researcher empowers dog lovers to find health and happiness with their pets.

Leading human-animal interaction expert Dr. Carri Westgarth authored The Happy Dog Owner, a guide to improving the health and wellbeing of dogs and their owners through science-based training techniques and easy-to-follow advice.

Dr. Drawing on 15 years of university research and an abundance of hands-on experience with dogs, Westgarth is now helping owners gain a new understanding of their dog’s needs and how to be the best owner they can be.

The new guide is considered the “one stop shop for any inquiring dog owner” and explains how you can maximize the benefits of dog ownership and minimize the risks by deliberately deciding where we get our dogs from, how we train them and what activities we engage in make them.

Dr. Westgarth said, “If the media is to be believed, owning a dog is the perfect antidote to the crisis of obesity, depression and now even managing a pandemic. However, a deeper look into the actual scientific research reveals a less conclusive or rosy picture. What is often forgotten is that owning a dog often comes with its own stresses. It is important that owners have realistic expectations of the benefits of owning dogs and how to do the work that is required.

“I wrote this book because I felt an easy-to-read, evidence-based guide was needed for dog owners or people who are thinking about a dog. In recent years there has been an explosion of scientific research into the health effects of dog ownership and knowledge about dog welfare, behavior, and training. At the same time, many people live with chronic illnesses and disabilities and look to their dog for daily support. This book summarizes these topics and provides guidance so that the latest expertise is available to all and affects the lives and decisions of everyday dogs and their owners. “

The happy dog ​​owner: Finding health and happiness with your dog’s help by Dr. Carri Westgarth is available in all good bookstores.

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