New City Police Division says goodbye to a great canine

BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) – NEUE STADT, ND – residents of Neustadt and first responders got together on Friday to send off a very good girl.

Delphi served with the police for six years before retiring in 2019 due to worsening health problems.

The crowd gathered to say goodbye to the 11-year-old Belgian Malinois. She fought cancer and her handler decided it was time.

Delphi joined the force in 2013 as a narcotics detection dog. Her largest arrest involved the seizure of 1,600 anesthetic pills and a pistol.

“She was a beloved member of the New Town community, the division and her family,” said Chief Jacquelyn Halonen, New Town Police.

K-9 colleagues and other first responders lined the path as Delphi finished their final patrol.

“A valuable part of this community in terms of what it has provided to protect and serve the members of New Town. We will miss her, she was a good dog, ”said Mason Terry, New Town Ambulance.

She withdrew from the troupe in 2019 due to a degenerative bone condition and has lived with her handler’s family for several years.

“She even had problems with work at the time, but the dog didn’t give up. She stopped by the office today to visit us and she was still trying to play even if her health was pretty bad, “Halonen said.

She will be missed by the people of New Town.

Delphi was the division’s first K-9 and had three handlers with the force in its time.

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