New Cat Guidelines 2021: Provides for Adopting a Cat

Photo: Michael Hession

Our choice

Pioneer Pet SmartCat The ultimate scratching post

If you have a cat and value your furniture, you will need a cat scratch or two. SmartCat from Pioneer Pet The ultimate scratching post is the most durable we’ve tested. At 32 inches tall, it is tall enough for an adult cat to fully stretch out in a vertical position. The solid wood base is robust so that this model does not tip over during energetic scratching sessions. This scratch is covered in woven sisal fiber that will last years longer than carpet or sisal rope (which can pill, fray, or come off easily). As we share in our guide to cat scratches, several Wirecutter employees have owned this model for years. And Elizabeth Llewellyn, a specialist in cat welfare and behavior, says she has had hers for over five years. (Keep in mind, however, that not all cats love sisal rope or vertical scratches, so read our advice on choosing a cat scratcher before buying one.)

For more information, see our full guide to cat scratches.

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