New BLUE Tastefuls Moist Cat Meals Solves Pet Dad and mom’ Mealtime Angst by Bringing Collectively Style and Diet

WILTON, Conn .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Americans have increased their focus on wellbeing over the past year, and many are recognizing the important role pets play in reducing their stress levels and improving their wellbeing. Because pet parents are mindful of their own health, they also value the wellbeing of their furry friends.

However, because pet parents seek nutritious food for their cats, more than half (55%) of cat parents believe they need to choose between food for their cat and food for their cat. This is evident from a recent study by Blue Buffalo. the nation’s leading natural pet food company.

Blue Buffalo is well aware of this challenge and has tirelessly focused on cat food naturalization for the past decade. BLUE’s commitment to pet parents has always been that all Blue Buffalo recipes must meet the brand’s true BLUE promise to use the best natural ingredients – real meat as the first ingredient, NO meals as a by-product for chicken (or poultry), NO corn, Wheat or Wheat Soy and NO Artificial Flavors and Preservatives.

Now, with a culinary breakthrough, Blue Buffalo introduces BLUE Tastefuls ™, a new portfolio of moist cat food specially formulated to tempt even the fussyest cats while delivering quality nutrition made from natural ingredients. BLUE Tastefuls ™ replaces the BLUE Healthy Gourmet range and tastes better and is healthier than ever before. It sets a new standard for wet cat food.

“At Blue Buffalo, we love our pets like family and feed them like family. That means never compromising our high quality and nutritional standards while working tirelessly to ensure that even the pickiest cats love the delicious taste of our recipes, ”said Elizabeth Fulmer, Blue Buffalo Product Innovation Manager, who led the development of Tastefuls. “With the variety of recipes that Tastefuls offers, there is a delicious option that is perfect for any cat’s discerning palate.”

The excitement at meals is real. Almost 40% of cat parents say their cat is more picky than a child. Parents of cats report seeing changes in their furry friend’s behavior when they don’t like their food, including their cat on hunger strike (13%), angry meowing (12%), or turning its bowl (10%). These mealtime protests can become a source of stress. More than half (51%) of cat parents say they need to change their cat’s food occasionally, often, or have trouble finding food that their cat likes. And over a third of cat parents (37%) have actually tried or considered trying their cat’s food to make sure it tasted good.

Tastefuls relieves cat parents’ food anxiety with irresistible cuts such as silky smooth pâté, starter flakes and tender appetizers, all with real meat as the first ingredient and made from the best natural ingredients as well as vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. In addition, canned cat foods are high in moisture to help cats get their daily hydration levels.

  • BLUE Tastefuls ™ Patés: Even fussy cats cannot resist these tempting recipes, starting with delicious beef, chicken, salmon, turkey or white fish. The Chicken Flavor is available in three different life phase formulations for kittens (with DHA to aid cognitive development); Adult (full of protein, vitamins and minerals); and mature (to help older cats stay active with energy from high quality proteins and complex carbohydrates).

  • BLUE Tastefuls ™ Flaked Entrées: High-quality chicken, fish, salmon or tuna is the first ingredient in a delicious sauce with brown rice and sweet potatoes.

  • BLUE Tastefuls ™ Tender Morsels: The delicious real chicken or tuna is the first ingredient in these delicious starters, which are served in a spicy sauce with healthy brown rice and sweet potatoes.

BLUE Tastefuls ™ is available in 3-ounce cans for $ 0.99 MSRP and 5.5-ounce cans for $ 1.29 MSRP at retailers across the country including Amazon, Chewy, Kroger, Meijer, Petco, PetSmart, Publix, Target, Walmart and other retailers. To learn more about BLUE Tastefuls ™, please visit and follow Blue Buffalo on Instagram at @bluebuffalo, Twitter at @bluebuffalo and Facebook at

About Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo, the country’s # 1 healthy pet food, began with a promise to a lovable Airedale named Blue, who was battling cancer, the leading cause of dog death. His family, the bishops, wanted to give him the best possible food, so they looked for food with quality ingredients but decided to create something even better – natural pet food for dogs and cats with nutritious ingredients, real meat first, and some of the highest standards in the branch. Since day 1, the team of vets and animal nutritionists at BLUE has carefully selected high-quality, natural ingredients and kept its true BLUE promise to dog and cat parents – real meat as the first ingredient with no by-products from chicken (or poultry), NO corn, wheat or soy and NO artificial flavors or preservatives. The result is a portfolio of high quality, natural foods and treats that both dogs and cats love. This simple idea: “Love her like family. Feed them like family. “Lives on in every Blue Buffalo recipe today.

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