NAVC Launches Yr-Spherical Digital Veterinary Studying – Enterprise Options for Equine Practitioners

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NAVC is launching its VMX New Product Gallery, where the veterinary industry presents its latest innovations every year and makes them available to veterinarians worldwide for the first time through its Virtual Expo Hall.

The North American Veterinary Community (NAVC), the world’s leading provider of veterinary education, today announced the launch of a comprehensive portfolio of new virtual programs and events that enable interactive learning anytime, anywhere for a year, tailored to individual learning preferences. This move positions the NAVC as the premier virtual learning destination in the global veterinary community.

Building on its industry-leading online learning portfolio, VetFolio, and the groundbreaking VMX virtual platform, NAVC is expanding its virtual offering and introducing new opportunities for virtual learning and engagement. These include special events taking place on the unique 3D interactive platform, micro-learning videos, live webinars, podcasts and more that offer veterinarians year-round new options and flexibility to plan and achieve their learning goals. The NAVC will now offer more than 700 hours of CE through its virtual portfolio.

“For more than 30 years, NAVC has been recognized as a leader in veterinary education, known for excellence and innovation,” said Gene O’Neill, CEO of NAVC. “We believe the NAVC will now be the primary destination for all learning – virtual and personal – in the global veterinary community. The programs we are announcing today are just the beginning. We are planning many more exciting and new opportunities for virtual engagement. The NAVC opens the doors to the best CE and events in the industry and makes them widely available to veterinary professionals around the world in new and engaging ways. With new programs and events that we will present virtually and in person throughout the year, veterinarians everywhere can set and achieve their year-round learning and development goals through the NAVC. There is no need to go anywhere. “

Customized online learning

The NAVC expands and introduces new interactive learning programs and new learning methods based on individual learning preferences. These will be available to the veterinary community on their award-winning online platform, VetFolio, and will focus on individual learning preferences: observe, read, listen, participate and certify.

The first new offering, a series of microlearning videos, will go online on March 15 and feature short videos each month that offer immersive learning on a variety of topics that can be immediately applied to clinical practice. The first tier includes dentistry and cardiology.

Interactive virtual events

The NAVC launches and hosts interactive virtual learning events throughout the year, including summits, seminars, and a series of live webinars. NAVC will host its first live virtual summit on March 16 – the Boehringer Ingelheim sponsored NAVC Virtual Diabetes Summit. This will include a comprehensive, three-seat, case-based presentation by Cynthia Ward, VMD, PhD, DACVIM (SAIM). , Internist and Specialist in Reproductive Endocrinology from the University of Georgia. Other events planned this year include an e-commerce summit in August, a nursing summit in October, the second hospital design seminar later this year, and other events to be announced.

The NAVC will host a new series of live webinars with many case-based sessions. The year-round series of webinars builds on the success of NAVC’s December virtual hospital design seminar, the first VMX return run every weekend in February 2021, and the webinar recently presented by Alan Spier, The Coughing Dog on. DVM, PhD, DACVIM (cardiology) and sponsored by SignalPET.

NAVC will host VMX2021 as a hybrid event this year, making the largest CE conference in the veterinary industry available to members of the veterinary community worldwide for virtually the first time. VMX2021 will take place live in Orlando and virtually everywhere June 5-9, featuring live speakers, interactive sessions, on-demand training and a 3D exhibit.

Virtual exhibition hall

NAVC is launching its VMX New Product Gallery, where the veterinary industry presents its latest innovations every year and makes them available to veterinarians worldwide for the first time through its Virtual Expo Hall. NAVC is proud to announce its first Virtual VMX New Product Gallery, which will go online on March 15th, offering members of the veterinary community everywhere a 3D tour of 22 new product innovations showcased by 13 different companies. Click here to see an example (still under construction).

The Virtual New Product Gallery leverages NAVC’s groundbreaking VMX Virtual Expo platform, the veterinary industry’s first virtual exhibition hall. Using advanced simulation technology, it offers an impressive 3D experience “just like being there”.

About the NAVC

The North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and advancing veterinary professionals worldwide. The NAVC is the world’s leading provider of veterinary education, providing veterinary professionals essential training, tools, and resources to keep pace with advances in veterinary medicine and deliver the best medical care to animals everywhere. Through its commitment to innovation and excellence, NAVC has developed a diverse portfolio of products and services including: educational events hosted by VMX, the world’s largest and most comprehensive training conference and launch pad for new products and innovations in the veterinary industry; a robust digital platform for virtual learning and engagement; the largest and most award-winning portfolio of specialist publications in the veterinary industry; and an advocacy group that unites the veterinary community and animal lovers. The NAVC was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Orlando, FL. Since 2017, the NAVC has been recognized annually as one of the top jobs by the Orlando Sentinel. For more information on NAVC’s products and brands, please visit