Nationwide unveils research to help in fight against veterinary cancer

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As part of National Pet Cancer Awareness Month in November, Nationwide uses claims data to offer unique analytics and promise support for animal cancer research.

A cancer diagnosis is heartbreaking for any pet owner. Continuous research and investment is needed to drive advances in screening, treatment options, and technology that can make a difference.

In support of National Pet Cancer Awareness Month, Nationwide is sharing its findings on the disease that affects so many pets. Nationwide recently released a report that analyzed damage data from more than 1.5 million dogs over a six-year period and shares those results with the rest of the industry. According to Dr. Nationwide Chief Veterinary Officer Jules Benson, Nationwide members filed nearly $ 50 million in 2020 for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in their pets.

Benson said, “As animal lovers, we ourselves understand the emotional impact of these numbers, so we’re intensifying our efforts to leverage our industry-leading claims data to provide vital information to pet parents and veterinary teams alike.” Here are some of the key takeaways from the report: 1

  • Mixed breed and crossbreed dogs are 48% less likely to have insurance claims for cancer than purebred dogs.
  • Among Nationwide’s Top 10 Most Popular Purebred Breeds, the boxer was 161% more likely to report cancer, while the Chihuahua was 47% less likely to report cancer.
  • The most common cancer foci were: skin, lymph, spleen, bones, liver.
  • The average claimed cost for cancer treatment ranges from $ 1,285 to $ 2998.

Nationwide emphasized that research and data play a crucial role in the early detection of cancer. “The signs of pet cancer can be vague and can be shared by other diseases as well,” Benson said. “But having more information about cancer prevalence rates and the types of cancer likely to occur can be key to early diagnosis, and that can mean access to more treatment options and better outcomes.”

Benson advises veterinarians to pay special attention to weight loss, severe changes in appetite or thirst, and changes in their patients’ energy levels.

2021 Nationwide Pet Cancer Awareness Walk for the benefit of the Animal Cancer Foundation

Anyone who registers with the WoofTrax mobile app can make a contribution to the fight against cancer. If registered attendees track their walks by November 30, 2021, Nationwide will donate 50 cents per walk (up to $ 60,000) to the Animal Cancer Foundation.


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