Nassau County First Responders Rescue Canine From Icy Pond – CBS New York

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HEWLETT, NY (CBSNewYork) – There was a dramatic snowstorm rescue after a family dog ​​ran away from Long Island and almost drowned in an icy pond.

The dog is aptly named Lucky, and Nassau County’s first responders pulled out all the stops to make sure he was safe home on Sunday night, CBS2’s Lisa Rozner reported.

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The golden retriever spent 30 minutes that morning holding on to its front paws and kicking a partially frozen pond in Grant Park, Hewlett, just steps from his home.

Its owner said they had just finished a walk around 9 a.m. She was just taking the leash off when Lucky shot out the door.

“He went straight to the ducks and then he fell and then I said, ‘Oh my god, I can’t take it because I can fall too. ‘I called 911 immediately,’ said Kalanit Lebouvich.

The Nassau County Police called lifeguards from the fire department. Just as Lucky seemed to be losing strength, one of them crawled onto the ice and finally dropped into the pond, grabbed the golden retriever and pushed him to safety.

The dog’s owner says the two and a half year old has four human brothers who would love to play with him and would have been devastated if he hadn’t been rescued. After all of this, a vet said Lucky was in good health.

“I’m really grateful,” said Lebouvich. “They just gave everything they had there and that’s amazing. So happy that he returned home. “

Lucky had come back to himself on Sunday afternoon.

As the sun set over the lake, it was time for business – plows were pushing snow and parents were pushing kids down a nearby hill.

Adults like Paul Lane used the evening hours to get a head start and prepare their driveways and vehicles for the Monday morning commute. He’s a funeral director in Queens and can’t stay home.

“It’s soft but heavy. It’s a heavy snowfall, ”said Lane. “I prefer to do it now than in the morning when there is a time limit and of course I hear that the temperature will drop.”