Nanaimo family welcomes in starving dog and her puppies at Christmas

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Elaine Nelson-Hozak never thought that a house full of playful pups and her emaciated mother would be the focus of her family’s Christmas Eve, but when they all cuddled on the couch with their grandchildren on Friday, the Nanaimo woman said the once unwanted little family was a perfect Christmas present.

“It’s definitely a Merry Christmas,” said Elaine Nelson-Hosak, a foster mother with the Nanaimo BC SPCA.

The mother dog, named Celeste, was abandoned three weeks ago, found cold and starving while somehow still tending to her five pups outside until the Nanaimo SPCA took them in.

“It was heartbreaking. It just gives me goosebumps, it was so sad, “said Nanaimo BC SPCA manager Bonnie Pequin.

At this point, Nelson-Hozak volunteered at her rural home to care for the brave dog, who almost died himself to save her pups.

“We’re a little in love, that’s for sure. She is so lovely. She is just super kind and you can see that in her eyes. I think she is grateful. She is happy, ”said Nelson-Hosak.

“It’s fun, but it’s also sad because Celeste was like that,” said Nelson-Hosak’s 9-year-old granddaughter Autumn McDonald.

The close-knit family spends the holidays taking care of the dog family healthy – and lovingly feeds the emaciated Celeste six times a day.

“Celeste is a happy dog, what can you really ask for for Christmas,” said Pequin.

However, while the family cared for Celeste, she immediately healed her as the Nelson-Hosak family still mourned the loss of their beloved 12-year-old dog Bella in November.

“It is worth it. We should do that in life, ”said Nelson-Hosak.

“They give you a reason,” she said.

The five pups will all be given up for adoption by the BC SPCA in the New Year, but Nelson-Hozak refused to say if Celeste would be. The bond between her and the family has grown rapidly, so they are now considering making it permanent.