Nacho Flay Introduces Cat-Crafted Cat Meals with the Launch of Made by Nacho

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Nacho grew up in a well-stocked kitchen and watched her closely Bobby Flay As he cooked, he kept emphasizing the importance of choosing tasty ingredients that support health. Nacho combined what he had learned from his father and his inherent knowledge of his own species to create a line of premium foods that are nutritionally supported. After two years of recipe review and countless tastings, paired with top insights from cooking and cat experts, Made by Nacho was born.

“While many know that I’m passionate about cooking, I’m just as passionate about the cats in my life,” he says Bobby Flay. “Made by Nacho combines these passions and with Nacho by my side I am proud to share what we have created. As I influence the recipes, Nacho does the hard work creating the menu and choosing each ingredient”, added Flay.

While Made by Nacho is inspired by the chef, Nacho also has his lifelong veterinarian, Dr. Katja Langto create a menu that provides the balanced nutrition cats need. Dr. Lang provides valuable insight into flavor combinations that please a cat’s palate and the ingredients that help cats live long and happy lives.

“Dogs have led research and development at pet food companies long enough and I look forward to working with Nacho and educating the wider cat community about cat health,” said Dr. Katja Lang, DVM and veterinary advisor at Made by Nacho. “I worked with Nacho to find out what was best for a cat’s diet, from nutritional levels to taste – palatability is critical to cat food,” added Dr. Long added.

Cats are carnivores, which is why Made by Nachos has a menu with cage-free chicken, grass-fed beef and sustainably caught salmon. To balance these proteins, fruits and vegetables like pumpkin, cranberries, blueberries, and kale are added for a dose of antioxidants and immune boosting benefits. And the secret ingredient? Bone broth. It contains a concentration of protein, aromatic nutrients and collagen for all recipes and extra moisture in the wet food recipes. The Made by Nacho menu is rounded off with millet and oats for fiber, as well as prebiotics and probiotics for digestive health. Made by Nacho is made in the USA with the best ingredients in the world.

Nacho and his team supported his mission to help cats everywhere and initiated the Made by Nacho Charitable Fund at the New York Community Trust. To launch, the fund has grants to the EveryCat Health Foundation – an organization that promotes cat health by supporting groundbreaking research and education – and the Best Friends Animal Society – a leading national animal welfare organization dedicated to saving pets in animal shelters dedicates all of America.

Made by Nacho is now available to consumers through Beginning April 19thMade by Nacho will also be available from PetSmart, its exclusive retail partner. PetSmart customers can find Made by Nacho products on store shelves nationwide and on

Products, prices * & information:

  • Wet food ($ 1.49/ 3oz pouch, $ 17.49/ 12ct variety pack): Cage-free chicken recipe slices in sauce; Sustainably caught salmon recipe slices in sauce; Grass-fed, grain-ready beef cuts in sauce, all with bone broth
  • Dried animal food ($ 12.99/ 2lb bag, $ 21.99/ 4 lb bag, $ 39.99/ 10lb bag): Chicken, Duck, and Quail Cage-Free Recipe; Sustainably caught salmon, whitefish and pumpkin recipe; Grass-fed beef, rabbit and pumpkin recipe, all with freeze-dried raw chicken inclusions
  • 100% pure freeze-dried protein treats ($ 5.99/.7oz – 1oz bag): Chicken Breast; Wild Alaskan Salmon; Ahi tuna; Duck liver; Turkey offal
  • The complete line from Made by Nacho is available on

* Prices reflect recommended retail prices. The exact prices may vary.

Founded by Nacho Flay, Made by Nacho is a full menu of cat food made by a cat exclusively for cats. Made by Nacho is a cat food with flavourful meals that support the health needs of cats everywhere, with well thought-out ingredients that serve a nutritional purpose and offer a variety of flavor combinations. All of Made by Nacho’s US-made recipes are backed by a team of cat lovers who understand the needs of the discerning cat world, including the chef Bobby Flay, experienced veterinarian, Dr. Katja Langand leading nutritionists. To learn more, visit Follow @madebynacho on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok for more news from Made by Nacho.

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