N.C. Shelter Seeking Loving Home for Dying Rescue Dog Looking to Spend Her Last Days in Comfort

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Joyanna saves dog with cancer

SPCA from Wake County

A 10 year old rescue dog dying of cancer wants to spend his final days in a loving home.

Wake County’s Raleigh, North Carolina SPCA shared a cry for help on social media with Joyanna, a terminally ill female dog with a “volleyball-sized breast tumor.”

The organization is asking a caring family to open their home to the dog after Joyanna’s previous owners decided to give her away due to her deteriorating health.

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“Unfortunately, her cancer has metastasized heavily and her lungs are also riddled with it. She also fights heartworms,” ​​said Wake County’s SPCA on Tuesday in a heartbreaking Facebook post about Joyanna.

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The SPCA added, “We had 2 different vets assessing your condition and they both agreed – their cancer has spread too far for surgery or treatment to be an option and the best we can do is is to give Joyanna as much joy and love as possible in the time she has left. “

Although Joyanna has a heart that is “bursting with love and appreciation for every moment of attention it gets,” Joyanna has spent most of her life outdoors, according to the shelter.

Because of the progression of her cancer, the sick bitch sleeps quite a bit, although when she is awake, “her mood is high and she has some pep in her step,” wrote the SPCA.

Joyanna is an obedient pet who enjoys the outdoors and rolling around in the grass. Her only caveat when it comes to her new home is not cats.

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“We don’t know exactly how long she has, days, weeks or longer, but we believe she shouldn’t spend her last few days in a shelter,” said the shelter’s Facebook post. “She deserves to spend this time in a warm home, surrounded by the love of a family. In a place where she can be held, pampered and feel safe.”

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The North Carolina-based SPCA facility resigned with a request to ask an animal lover to take in and infatuate Joyanna “for any time she has”.

“It would be the ultimate gift for a dog in its final days,” added the shelter.

Those looking to provide a forever home for Joyanna can apply to adopt the dog on the Wake County’s SPCA website.