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I am 81 years old, run several kilometers every morning, participate in aqua aerobics every day, and have stopped traveling due to COVID-19. I have no further plans to travel as I don’t believe this pandemic will be under control in the years to come. I manage my own financial affairs and am perfectly capable of making a wonderful home for a rescue dog. I live in a house with grass and trees, neighbors walking small dogs and friends willing to help should I ever need help.

With that in mind, I can’t even get a home visit, let alone a visit to the kennels to see dogs. A rescue told me I cannot request a breed of dog even if it is available. I wanted a schnauzer or a schnauzer mix. I’ve had one for 16 years. One of the rescue organizations I spoke to said, “You take what I give you.” I have a neighbor who has been volunteering for our local animal shelter for 14 years. She is in her 70s now. She was rejected from adopting a dog from there. Your dog had just died. She eventually bought a puppy from a pet store. She’s not the only one I know did this.

And talk about restrictions, the list is endless: fenced yard, hours the dog is left alone, sleeping quarters, veterinarian nearby, etc. Anything but a blood type request. I can handle all of this; I just can’t make myself 30 years younger.

In conclusion, if you ever come across an adult, house-broken Miniature Schnauzer or Schnauzer mix looking for a good home on the east coast of South Florida please let me know. – Ruth, Boca Raton, Florida

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