‘My Cat Is A Thief’: Oregon Woman’s Cat Steals Neighbors’ Stuff

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BEAVERTON, OR – Esme is literally a burglar with impressive loot in Beaverton, Oregon.

So far, the cunning cat has hauled home at least nine pairs of gloves, 11 masks, a running belt, a ball of string, and a number of other stolen items belonging to her neighbors.

And her owner, Kate Felmet, publicly shames the devious thief – and lets her neighbors know where to find objects that have mysteriously disappeared.

“My cat is a thief,” she wrote on a handwritten sign planted in her front yard that contained a drawing of Esme with a glove in her mouth, news channel KOIN reported.

Felmet told KOIN that her cat burglar brought home something from a different farm almost every day.

The shame could have worked. The clever cat was on the rise. After she put up the sign, the looting stopped for at least a week.

“I got the impression that she was a little pissed off,” Felmet told the Portland-based television station.

Understandably. Esme seemed quite proud of her collection. And first Felmet encouraged it.

“When she brings it she comes to the back door and yells like ‘Woooar!’ until I come and tell her she did a good job, “Felmet, a doctor at Oregon Health and Science University, told KOIN.

Felmet said that since news outlets around the world, such as the UK’s Mirror News Agency, published stories about Esme, people often came by to take a picture of the cat thief sign. Esme’s secret was out and the neighborhood thief was caught.

The publicity certainly makes it more of a challenge for Esme to continue her kleptomania.