MU’s Veterinary Medicine expansion project expected to be complete by summer 2024


The University of Missouri hopes to open the doors to a $30 million expansion and renovation of its College of Veterinary Medicine in two years.

MU held a groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion Friday.

“This investment will enable our faculty, staff and students to better serve all those that care for animals in the state and therefore agriculture in the state as well,” said MU Chancellor Mun Choi.

The project is expected to include a 34,200 square foot expansion to the lab and renovations.

Planned renovations to the laboratory include:

  • Separate receiving areas and laboratories for routine, high-risk and foreign animal disease and biosecurity cases
  • Separate laboratory spaces for clean materials and diseased or infected materials
  • Space for client consultation
  • An area for after-hours sample drop-offs
  • Space for laboratory teaching and research
  • ADA accessible entrances

Choi said the veterinary hospital is doing well in staffing after needing to cut back on after-hour emergency service because of a shortage of veterinarians last year.

“The university is on a much stronger financial footing with good stewardship of our finances of those that we received from the state as well as tuition. And it’s because of that good stewardship we can make investments in programs like this,” Choi said.

The lab, according to the university, performs more than 167,000 diagnostic tests annually to support Missouri’s companion and agricultural animals, wildlife and zoo animal conservation efforts.

MU officials said the lab also plays a major role in the early detection, testing and post-outbreak work on emerging animal diseases. These include avian flu, foot and mouth disease and rabies.

The project is expected to be completed by summer 2024.

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