! Murcia Today – New Cat Houses For Ferals Installed In Islas Menores And The Archaeological Park Of Molinete

Date of publication: 06/11/2021

These kennels join four more that have already been placed in different parts of Cartagena, including Cabo de Palos and Los Urrutias

The Cartagena Health Department has built two new wildcat houses, one near the Molinete Archaeological Park and one on the Islas Menores.

The kennels will provide shelter for the strays in the area and feed provided by the Cuatro Gatos Association.

These two kennels are the final installations in a project that began in late 2020 that included installing cat houses in Cabo de Palos, Los Urrutias, Villalba and Los Carriones.

Representatives of the Cuatro Gatos Association were also present at the installation; they agreed with the local council on the care of the wild colonies living in the kennels.

The plans also include capturing and neutering cats that live in wild colonies to limit their spread, but also to ensure that the cats are healthy and not spreading diseases.

New cat houses for wild ones on the Islas Menores and in the Archaeological Park of Molinete

The project aims to improve animal welfare and protect public health within the community and enable wild cats to continue to inhabit public areas without disturbing local residents.

A similar initiative in collaboration with the animal welfare association Animur vaccinates, castrates and neutered wildcats with microchips has been around for some time in Cartagena.

Although there are no concrete plans to install more of these stray cat kennels, the deputy mayor has stated that the council is working to acquire new cat houses for other parts of the community and to continue promoting animal welfare in Cartagena.

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