MSU ‘right where we want to be’ heading into Cat-Griz

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BOZEMAN – Only a few days left until the 120th Brawl of the Wild, Montana State Bobcats No. 3 (9-1) travel to Missoula to play against No. 7 Montana Grizzlies (7-2).

“I was suspecting all along that there were a few other things at stake, so to sit here for the last regular game of the season we have the Great Divide Trophy at stake, a conference championship that is sure to make it into the playoffs comes into play before us too, “said MSU head coach Brent Vigen.” It’s exactly where we want to be.

For Vigen and his coaching team, the Brawl of the Wild takes place every day, not just one Saturday a year.

“It’s not just that one Saturday in November,” said the head coach. “It’s an everyday thing to talk about recruiting and all that it takes to get an advantage across the state. It ultimately plays out on Saturday, but it’s something that comes to mind every day . “

Vigen know that when he took office in February, one of their greatest expectations was to win this game. His predecessor Jeff Choate went a perfect 4-0 before leaving the program.

“I knew I came here, that there were expectations on many different levels, and this was the first thing I know that was mentioned, if not every day, almost every day since I got here,” he said .

With an offensive that has had its problems lately, they face the difficult task of facing a very good Griz defense.

“They are a very aggressive defense,” said Vigen. “Quite a style of attack. They have a few people (linebackers Jace Lewis and Patrick O’Connell) on Buck Buchanan’s watchlist and it’s well deserved. (Security) Robby Hauck is everywhere, I think he has 100+ tackles right now. He’s literally everywhere he goes. (Cornerback Justin Ford) has all of these interceptions, I think it’s been eight games now. They find a way to disrupt, do good and then to turn people around. Those are the things we struggle with. “

The Montana Offensive is returning to where they were earlier this season as they are getting well again.

“I think whether it was Humphrey or Brown as quarterback, they were both able to lead their offense and they’re not so different that their offensive needs to change a lot,” said Vigen. “You played a host.” of young running backs. It seems like they will get healthier in this position. I know they have a few different goals with the recipient, and a close end is emerging. Balanced, I think they would like to be on the offensive. “

The state of Montana is doing everything it can this week to prepare for the noisy environment.

“We’re going to pump artificial noises into the stadium and just try to work on our quiet cadence and so on. There is only so much you can do. It’s pretty difficult to simulate more than 20,000 fans yelling at you, ”said Lewis Kidd, senior offensive lineman.

The Cats expect their fifth win in a row against the Griz on Saturday lunchtime at Washington Grizzly Stadium.