More than 80 pets rescued in Oakland County animal hoarding case, 16 cats dead

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More than 80 animals, including cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits and a bearded dragon, were rescued from a home in Independence Township during a welfare check Tuesday.

Welfare officers went to the house on the 6000 block of Northview Drive after receiving a tip. The officers were given permission by the resident and her husband to enter and inspect the house.

They found 82 cats, many of which were in distress because the house had no air conditioning and it was hotter than outside. The temperatures that day were in the 80s.

The authorities were able to save 66 cats. Nine of the cats were dead on the scene, two died in transit, two died overnight at the Oakland County Animal Shelter, and three more were euthanized because they had an infectious disease that made their health worse.

Eight ferrets, five dogs, four rabbits and a bearded dragon were also rescued from the extremely unsanitary house.

The woman and her husband told the animal welfare officers that they are taking care of the animals because they are involved in a cat rescue. These animals were given to the shelter.

Some of the animals belonged to the couple and a resident who recently moved into the house. While these animals were being taken away by officials, no one gave up ownership of them, so the Oakland County Animal Shelter is starting a recovery process.

The case is being investigated further. Upon completion, the animal control officers will submit the results to the Oakland County Attorney for review and investigation of criminal charges.