Monitor how a lot your cat drinks


The Sure Petcare Felaqua Connect is a clever way to keep an eye on your cat’s health. She monitors your pet’s drinking habits.


  • Closely monitors your cat’s water intake
  • Easy to set up
  • Facilitates surveillance


  • No automatic warning messages


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Key Features

  • communicationYou need a hub that connects to your router, which the Felaqua uses to connect using a low-power wireless transmission.

Cats can be difficult to monitor as they tend to hide health issues from their owners. Hence, you need to be on the lookout for clues that can help determine the state of your health. One factor that could indicate a problem is how much a cat drinks per day. Few owners know how much water their cats use – this is where the Sure Petcare Felaqua Connect comes in.

By reading your cat’s microchip, this smart water bowl allows you to monitor how much and how often your pet is drinking each day, so you can spot any changes that may suggest your cat needs a professional veterinarian assessment.

The Sure Petcare Felaqua Connect is easy to set up and provides clean water when needed. It provides a great insight into your cat’s health and wellbeing.

  • Is automatically refilled from the storage container
  • Works with the same hub as the other Sure products
  • Monitors how much water each cat drinks

Cats like access to fresh water, so the Sure Petcare Felaqua Connect was designed to provide it automatically. The Felaqua is slightly wider and deeper than a normal bowl (266 x 283 x 283 mm) and has a raised platform on which a small saucer can be placed.

Safe Petcare Felaqua Connect

At the top there is a removable 1 liter container with a screw cap. When you place this on top of the feeder, it opens the valve and fills the bowl. While your cat is drinking, the saucer will automatically refill and provide fresh water.

Safe Petcare Felaqua Connect Reservoir

This reservoir will lock into place for sure. However, if you have a pretty naughty cat (like me) it can be knocked over.

There is a slight gurgle as the saucer fills, but my three cats found it more interesting than scary and immediately started drinking from it.

Safe Petcare Felaqua Connect water bowl

As with Sure Petcare’s other products, the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect and the Microchip Pet Feeder Connect, the Felaqua is a smart product that connects through Petcare’s hub, a cute cat-shaped device that connects to your router via Ethernet becomes.

You can share the same hub with up to 10 devices, so you can handle a busy household with pets even if you have multiple food bowls, water stations, and pet flaps. Make sure you buy the right version: the Felaqua is significantly cheaper if you buy it without a hub.

You need to insert four D batteries (not included) into the Felaqua and then pair it with your hub using the app. It’s all pretty quick; I set up the system pretty quickly.

Safe Petcare Felaqua Connect batteries

If you already have another Sure product and have scanned your cat’s microchips, you can simply add them to the Felaqua. If this is your first device you will need to put it on learn mode and it will scan your cats when they approach a drink.

Safe Petcare Felaqua Connect App Setup

Once you are at work and your cats are assigned, the Felaqua will automatically monitor how much each cat is drinking and show you total daily consumption and average number of visits, as well as a breakdown chart showing each cat’s times and levels.

Tapping on a cat will bring up a graph showing roughly how much water is left. It’s not entirely accurate and you won’t get a notification when the water level is empty or nearly empty. However, you can receive notifications when a pet is drinking and when the water has been refilled.

Notifications about a cat’s drinking aren’t particularly useful in most cases. However, if you have a sick cat and want to know if she’s going to be drinking again, this can be a useful tool. I therefore recommend activating the option in these cases.

  • Accurately measures the visits to the water bowl
  • The findings from the data are largely manual
  • A useful tool for monitoring your cat’s health

With its microchip reader on the door, the Sure Petcare Felaqua Connect is largely very accurate and mostly recognizes my three cats. There have been some cases where the water bowl only said something like “4 ml of water removed” because it failed to properly identify a cat.

It’s handy to see how much each cat drinks each day. When a cat stops drinking or drinks more, it is a sign that there is an underlying health problem that you may want to investigate.

There isn’t much insight into the app. For example, it would have been useful to have a learning phase where the system determines how often your cat visits the water bowl and how much it drinks. Then it could send automatic alerts when your cat stops drinking or ingests a lot more water.

As it stands, the system is still useful, but you have to keep track of the data and manually account for some changes. For example, if you feed your cat dry food in one day, it’s only natural that she needs to drink more water. Cats that eat wet food usually drink much less. If it has been raining recently, your cat may have decided to drink from a puddle, resulting in fewer visits to the water bowl.

Safe Petcare Felaqua Connect App

Even so, the Felaqua offers a means by which you can measure how much water your cat is using. If you keep an eye on the information, you will have an excellent resource pointing out unusual behavior and allowing you to seek help early on. And for pets that you know are already sick, it’s a useful tool that can provide vital information to a veterinarian.

Cats drink much less fluids than dogs, so monitoring their water usage can be difficult, especially in households with multiple pets. The Sure Petcare Felaqua Connect is a great tool for keeping track of your pet’s drinking habits so you can identify potentially dangerous changes and seek help when needed.

Should you buy it?

If you have a cat (or cats) and want to keep an eye on their health, how much water they drink is crucial to monitor them. This system allows you to accurately measure each pet’s drinking habits so you can see when things are getting worse.

For a bowl of water, this is an expensive product. You can also keep an eye on the data manually. However, some automations – such as automatic alerts if your cat has not had a drink in a set number of days – that might make it easier to spot problems don’t work.


An extremely useful tool for any cat owner, the Sure Petcare Felaqua Connect monitors exactly how much each cat drinks and how often they visit the water bowl. Some automatic warnings, e.g. B. If a cat has not had a drink in a few days, are welcome. However, having current access to your pet’s drinking habits can help you identify problems early and provide detailed and vital information to veterinarians.


How many batteries does the Sure Petcare Felaqua Connect need?

Four D batteries are used (not included).




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Safe Petcare Felaqua Connect

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Safe petcare

Intelligent cat water bowl

266 x 283 x 283 mm

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April 2021


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