‘Miracle’ cat survived for two weeks without treatment after being hit by bus

A cat from Luton survived sixteen days without treatment after being hit by a bus.

The RSPCA nursed Trudie to health for five months after she was finally discovered by a local business owner.

The tortoiseshell cat sustained head injuries when hit by a bus in Luton on March 14. Passers-by tried to help the lost young woman, but she was frightened and ran away.

Animal care assistant Amy Hearne and volunteer Katie Duncan have posted posters and posted appeals on social media to try to find them.

It was finally discovered on March 30th by a local business owner who contacted the RSPCA who treated them.

The RSPCA said Trudie had life-saving surgery to remove her eye and put her jaw back together.

Trudie was tube-fed for the first week and when she was moved to Southridge’s cattery, the staff looked after her around the clock so that she could eat normally and recover.

Now she is ready for a new home and the employees are looking for a quiet place away from the busy roads and railways.

Southridge Assistant Manager Mona Jorgensen added, “Trudie lost one of her eyes in the accident so she needs a safe home. She is nervous in traffic and finds the noise of passing vehicles pretty scary, so we want to find her a quiet, rural home where she can enjoy the peace and quiet. “

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