‘Miracle’ Canine Born With Six Legs and Two Tails in Historic First

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A dog with six legs and two tails was born last week, along with other unusual anatomical features, and it appears to be the first of its kind. The Oklahoma-born puppy named Skipper Miracle has some unique medical problems but is doing well and is expected to grow into an adorable weird dog.

On Monday, a photo of Skipper with her six legs was shared on Facebook from Neel Veterinary Hospital in Oklahoma City. The newborn puppy hadn’t even opened its eyes in the photo and hadn’t perfected all six legs either. In addition, Skipper has two tails (which are not visible in the picture) “2 pelvic regions, 2 lower urinary tract, 2 reproductive systems,” according to the post.

Along with her unique body structure, Skipper is screened for a few health conditions including a possible spinal condition that has yet to be confirmed and Monocephalus dipygus, which explains the dog’s dual internal characteristics.

This is a miracle called a Skipper. Literally. She survived longer than we suspect that another dog (at only 4 days – published research does not indicate that one was born alive) with her …

Skipper is the first puppy reported to have six legs. This means that expert supervision is required for their development. “Because Skipper is so rare and unique, we’ll be monitoring her development to make sure she’ll be comfortable for a lifetime,” Neel Veterinary Hospital told Newsweek.

Neel continued, “And since there are no other live pups to compare them to, there will be some unknowns, but we will continue research to make sure we offer the best care. Our hospital has their services like one Abdominal ultrasound donated so we could internally see more details about her body and get a diagnosis. “

The hospital added that Skippers has already set up a GoFundMe at home forever to help with their medical care. It turned out that Skipper was rejected by her mother, so the puppy is already being bottle-fed. At the time of publication, over $ 3,300 had been donated.

Skipper is the first dog to have six legs.
Neel Veterinary Hospital

There may be restrictions on Skipper’s health and mobility as she gets older, but the extent of her disability is currently unknown. The hospital said that all of Skipper’s legs appear to be working, which speaks for the dog’s overall health. “Positive, her organs seem in great shape, she pees and poops and is very strong!” read the facebook post. “She is well groomed and is growing adequately so far. All of her legs move and respond to stimuli like a normal puppy.”

“It is [sic] She may need physical therapy and mobility assistance as she gets older. We will continue to study their conditions, monitor their evolution during the re-examination, and help ensure that Skipper remains pain free and comfortable for the rest of life. She is fine at home now, “said the hospital.

Whatever their life ahead of them, Skipper seems to be a pioneer in terms of dog handicaps and how to deal with them. Her general quality of life will not be known until adulthood, but until then internet users can send her good wishes.