Minister of Health and Wellness Views Facilities in Cat Island and Long Island

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Slideshow: (BIS Photos / Ulric Woodside)

Minister of Health and Wellness of the Hon. Michael Darville traveled to Cat Island, Long Island and Exuma on October 14, 2021 to conduct an assessment of the medical facilities on those islands. Education Director Marcellus Taylor also traveled with the medical team to see the educational facilities on these islands. Pictured are stops in Cat Island – Old Bight, Smith Bay, and Orange Creek. Minister Darville also toured the clinic in Simms, Long Island. ACHS Charlene Bain, Dr. Bradia Cooper-Trustham, Nurse Desmonda Henfield and DPS Donovan Turnquest. (BIS Photos / Ulric Woodside)


Visit to Cat Island (BIS Photo / Ulric Woodside)


Simms Long Island Clinic (BIS Photo / Ulric Woodside)


Simms Long Island Clinic (BIS Photo / Ulric Woodside)


Old Bight Clinic (BIS Photo / Ulric Woodside)