Milwaukee girl reunites together with her canine after it was stolen

MILWAUKEE – A dog is a man’s best friend, but to a Milwaukee family, their dog meant the world to them and on Friday morning the unthinkable happened.

Kalyn Allen, who lives in Milwaukee, said her dog Pandora was usually an indoor dog and accidentally got off and set off.

Dog owner Kalyn Allen

Fortunately, a neighbor’s camera captured exactly what happened next.

“Before I saw the video, we were scouting the neighborhood and shouting her name. I just thought she might have left,” Allen said.

But in the video you can clearly see that Pandora hasn’t migrated. She was taken off the porch by a man before he got into a car and walked with her.

Allen said when she saw that she continued watching the video, which broke her heart even more when she saw Pandora run away and seemingly scared.

“She means the world to me, as if my children were crying, I made myself sick,” said Allen.

She also asked the public if anyone saw her dog to bring it back for a $ 300 reward, and didn’t ask questions.

Kathy Shillinglaw, volunteer and outreach coordinator for the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission, said it was not common for dogs to be stolen.

“I mean, there are several reasons people take dogs. One of them is because they have value. There are dogs that are worth thousands of dollars,” Shillinglaw said.

Since the day Pandora was taken, it was a nightmare that Allen had thought impossible until a few hours ago when she received a Facebook message that she was not expecting.

A man she doesn’t know had her dog.

“He just said he saw some neighborhood kids they have and he saw the video (video where Pandora was recorded) and when they left them in the yard he grabbed them” said Allen.

After this news, the man brought the dog back and in good health.

“He didn’t do it for the reward, so there are still good people out there,” Allen said.

In just a few hours, Allen’s desperation turned to tears of joy when she was reunited with her two-year bullying mix.

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