Military sergeant wants assist bringing rescued cat to US

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A US Army sergeant stationed in the Middle East nursed an abused and injured cat back to health – and now that she returns to the US, she needs help bringing the cat back.

Army Sergeant Rode – identified only by her last name to avoid reprisals from the military – said when she met the scruffy orange cat she later named Bubba, he was bloody, frail, injured and utterly scared, according to the nonprofit Paws before people of war.

Rode said it was clear that Bubba had been fighting for his life for a long time. For many days she left him food and waited remotely to make sure he ate and slowly built his trust.

Finally, Bubba allowed Rode to sit a few yards from him while he peeled off the food she had left behind. Before long, he was purring and allowing the sergeant to deal with him, and the two became inseparable, Paws of War said.

“Bubba is such a wonderful cat and he greets me every time he sees me and purrs loudly when I pet him,” said Rode in a statement.

Bubba after being nursed back to health by Seargent Rode.Bubba after being nursed back to health by Seargent Rode.Paws of war

“I’ve built such a strong relationship with him that it took me so long to gain his trust, and I can’t imagine the thought of leaving him behind once I’m stationed in the United States. He was a wonderful companion and provides me with so much comfort when I need it most. I couldn’t leave this cat to suffer and die. He trusts me and I won’t let him down. ”

Rode hopes Paws of War can help because the military cannot engage in animal rescues and it is very expensive and complicated to bring an animal to the US from overseas.

The group relies entirely on donations and urges the public to step in to help.

“This is a story to love and leave behind,” said Dereck Cartright, a disabled veteran who works as the US logistics coordinator for Paws of War.

“Sgt. Rode saved Bubba, but she can only do so much on her own. “

Seargent Rode seeks help to bring Bubba back to the United States.Sergeant Rode seeks help to bring Bubba back to the United States.Paws of war