Might your canine’s uninteresting coat be an indication of one thing extra critical?

Does your dog have a dull coat and you don’t know why? Possible Causes, Problems, and Tips About Dog Fur & Health | Info now on TAG24!

Boring, Pale, and Brittle Coat – If your dog has a dull coat you should take a closer look and find out what the problem is, as dull dog fur can be a sign of other problems.

When a dog has a nice, shiny coat like this one, this is a sign that it is eating a balanced and healthy diet (archive image). © Unsplash / Yuki dog

Dull fur in dogs can have a number of causes. There can also be innocuous reasons for this, so you shouldn’t worry right away. Still, you should remain vigilant, especially if the dog’s coat has lost its luster within a short period of time.

One thing is important: collect clues!

  • When did the coat get boring?
  • Does the dog scratch all the time?
  • Does the dog have skin problems, e.g. red spots under the fur or is the skin flaky?
  • Does the dog eat normally or has it recently been given a different food?

The answers to such questions are important clues in determining the cause of the dog’s dull coat.

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A bath with a special dog shampoo is particularly gentle on dull fur and irritated skin (archive image).

Bathing with a special dog shampoo is particularly gentle on dull fur and irritated skin (archive image). © Unsplash / Autri Taheri

My dog ​​has dandruff and dull fur: what is the cause?

Brittle fur is often accompanied by dandruff, which can be caused by the following triggers:

  • stress-related skin fungus
  • improper diet or change in diet
  • illness
  • parasitic infestation
  • age-related changes in the structure of the hair

Careful observation of the animal and analysis of its food can provide important clues as to why the dog has a dull coat.

MyDogSymptoms.com reports in the article Coat changes in dogs: Why is my dog’s coat dull and dry? that certain oils such as linseed oil can be added to dog food in order to achieve a healthy coat due to the omega-6 fatty acids.

Boring fur could also be an indication that the dog has diabetes.

But under no circumstances should you make your own diagnosis with this information either. Instead, go to the vet and get a professional opinion on your dog’s health. It is important to prepare in advance what questions you will ask the veterinarian, as well as the list of symptoms you want to share.

In the veterinarian’s office, a reliable diagnosis can be made and a plan can be formulated as to whether special skin care, an adapted diet or drug therapy is required.

A veterinarian should always be consulted in the event of abnormalities and problems that affect the health of the animals.

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