Metropolis Reminds Pet Homeowners Of Canine Park Etiquette

The City of Portage would like to remind pet owners of the pros and cons when it comes to the off-leash puppy log in their dog park.

The city maintains a park in the south of the city in Yellowquill Park, which is enjoyed every day by numerous people and dogs alike.

“Every now and then we have problems with aggressive dogs in the dog park and dogs are not recalled,” notes Sharilyn Knox, Councilor for Portage. “We always remember it fondly so that people understand the rules of a dog park.”

Knox notes that like anywhere in town, you will need to collect your dog from the park and garbage bags will be provided on site. She also encourages pet owners to obtain animal licenses for their animals, which are currently free at City Hall.

“You need to be with your dog. You need to be in control of your dog at all times,” added Knox. “You need to have a leash in hand and your dog needs to have a good call back. That means when you call your dog, he has to come back to you.”

In addition, bitches that are in heat are not allowed in the park, nor are particularly aggressive animals.

“All dogs showing aggression must be removed from the park immediately,” added Knox. “Please follow these rules and enjoy the park with everyone else.”

Individuals experiencing issues in the park can contact local law enforcement and they will take appropriate action.

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