Merry Jane, A Media Firm In Partnership With Snoop Canine, Acquires Stake In Revolutionary Hashish Advertising and marketing Company TopTree

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Merry Jane is a leading cannabis-centric multimedia and lifestyle company. Merry Jane strives to combine cannabis and pop culture, and to offer its customers a more personalized experience. By acquiring a stake in TopTree, Merry Jane has now expanded its reach even further.

TopTree is an innovative digital marketing agency dedicated to creating bespoke marketing campaigns. As a company that has grown from a cannabis brand to an all-round marketing agency, TopTree is able to create bespoke social experiences to build communities around people and brands. In this way, they provide further information, build trust and improve customer and fan loyalty.

Breaking the stigma surrounding cannabis use

Cannabis was once used as an essential medicinal substance and was available from pharmacies in the United States. Even farmers were given incentives to grow hemp, a cannabis plant specially grown for industrial use. Before the cannabis stigma, it was used in a number of products to treat various health problems such as inflammation, depression, and nausea.

However, when California passed a cannabis use ban law in 1913, the real war on cannabis began. Anti-marijuana laws gradually spread across the United States. Negative ideologies and misunderstandings have permeated society deeply and still exist today.

The change in the perception of cannabis

With an increasing number of studies showing the many positive benefits of cannabis, people’s perception of cannabis and the CBD industry is slowly changing. Those who previously spoke out against its use are now confirming the legitimate medical uses of cannabis. 48 out of 50 states now allow some form of medicinal weed use.

Public opinion about marijuana has changed as they learned more about the benefits of using it on marijuana. With CBD products becoming widely accepted by people, it would be challenging for the FDA to openly ban them.

Why Merry Jane’s Stake Acquisition is a smart move

Although it is legal in various states, stereotypes still exist regarding cannabis users. With this in mind, Merry Jane wants to destigmatize its use by exploring the industry and providing marijuana companies with a way to create a strong presence.

By acquiring a stake in one of the best cannabis marketing agencies today, Merry Jane can better help brands improve their online visibility and build closer relationships with fans, followers, and customers. Together with Merry Jane, TopTree can please its customers with its exciting range of cannabis marketing services.

TopTree is an influential leader in the marketing industry

TopTree has a large follower base who are very engaged and ready to take action. As a small cannabis brand, TopTree has quickly grown into a competitive social media marketing giant, educating people about the pros and cons of marijuana for the health and wellbeing of individuals.

As a versatile marketing director, TopTree has worked with various influencers such as Stella Bossi and Adam ILL, as well as brands such as Alien Labs, Cookies and WonderBrett. You have also worked with many famous musicians, fashion designers, and others.


Merry Jane is now expanding its database with millions of visitors, readers and celebrity partners on TopTree, which uses its social network and marketing expertise to generate hundreds and millions of impressions for its customers. Anyone can expect more exciting news with the collaboration of these two big brands in the cannabis industry.

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