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Do you remember how easy it used to be to remember the name of the actress or restaurant that you think of?

When you were younger – or just child and pandemic free – you may not have noticed, but as you get older your brain may not be as fast as it used to be. And when you add a less healthy diet and mental overload of stress and anxiety, you may feel “brain fog”.

Mike Dow, expert on brain health and author of The Brain Fog Fix, explains, “This is the way the brain can tell you that something is not optimal.” It can develop differently for different people. He says it could be “having trouble remembering words, a gray mood, low energy or forgetfulness”. The good news? It’s usually only temporary and these lifestyle changes can clear the brain fog.

Diet Change – Poor gut health is a major cause of brain fog as sugars and processed foods feed the bad bacteria in the gut, causing inflammation in the body and brain. Eating more anti-inflammatory foods, consuming fruits and vegetables, and taking prebiotics and probiotics can help.

● Relieve Your Stress – Our brains are overloaded with information from texts, news and social media. However, research has found that it can be helpful to work every 90 minutes and then take a break. Use the break to take a short walk, fetch water, or make a phone call. This can relieve the brain and improve brain performance. And meditation can also help clear your mind. Dow recommends doing this for 12 minutes a day. ● Improve Your Sleep Habits – A 2020 Stanford study showed that going outside early and re-sunset can reset your natural sleep-wake cycle. Dow explains that the brain can go into self-cleaning mode at night to remove the brain fog that causes plaques.

● Play some brain games – do a crossword puzzle, play a board game or solitaire, or learn something new as long as it is not stressful. Dow says it can give your brain the much-needed improvement.

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