Meet These Lovable Cats and Canines Accessible for Adoption

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With so many adorable cats and dogs now available for adoption, it’s time to kick your paws on your Netflix show, go to your local animal rescue / shelter, and bring a new friend home today !

Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America


One year old Alexander (adoption # H210286) has had some difficult days but now that he is being very well cared for by NSALA’s medical team for his heart conditions, better things are ahead of him. With a plan to optimize his health and the support of our animal health centers in Port Washington, nothing stands in the way of this delicate orange tabby. He may seem a bit shy at first, but he only reserves his affection for the rubber for the right ear. He will melt in your hands in no time and we expect a very happy life between a deserving boy and his favorite person!


Although the southern lifeguard (adoption # G26342) is feeling a little worn out from her travels, she is never too tired to greet a new friend with a warm, welcoming headbutt. You can easily ease any concern with a treat and a gentle ear massage. This year old raven beauty doesn’t seem up for a fresh start, but her quiet home will bring out her inner kitty. Eema very gently thanks the heroine who changed her life by bringing her home – that’s part of her charm!

Silky and foggy

** Double Adoption ** Eight year old Misty (adoption # BF3694) and Silky (adoption # BF3693) have survived so many adversities together. Now they are preparing for better days in the safety of Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center, which is far from the warehouse where they were abandoned. After so much sadness, this lovely couple wants nothing more than the human love that they have missed in their life. Misty’s tiny meow begs you to be her friend while Silky is silent. pleading look begs for a chance in your heart. If her gentleness isn’t enough to sway you, her soft baby kitten fur should seal the deal! We can’t think of a better way to become a hero than giving Misty and Silky the quiet home they always deserve. If you save them, they will be sure to save your heart in return.

Jr and Max

** Double Adoption ** When JR (Adoption # H210293) and Max (Adoption # H210294) recently lost their homes, they teamed up to find a fresh start worthy of them. While ten-year-old Max is cautiously optimistic about making new friends, five-year-old JR stands up for the greeting in the hope that you won’t be able to say goodbye! Their approaches may be different, but these pals hope the result will be the same: the resumption of a happy home life. JR was an exemplary patient to the vets who gave him a successful plan for treating his heart disease that is covered by our animal health centers. NSALA is confident that JR and Max will be happy again as they are already a match made in heaven. Becoming part of your family would be the ultimate dream!


Adrienne (adoption # BF3695) has what it takes to be a very special soul mate. This local discovery cannot tell us what she went through which made her need our help, but her gratitude is very clear. A quiet, loving home is exactly what Adrienne longs for, and we want to give this one-year-old all she dreams of and more by finding her a family that will give her a lifetime of earache to make up for that tough start they already got behind them.


NSALA’s beautiful friend Apollonia (adoption number R166247) recently returned to them when their family could no longer take care of them. We are sad to be reunited with her as we had hoped that after a dangerous beginning this cute elderly woman found a home to spend the rest of her life in, but we are determined to spend her days with all the love and support she has grown to cherish from us in the past and look forward to finding this precious eight year old a family worthy of such a loving fur friend. Apollonia greets us with enthusiastic purring of pigeons, grateful for the peaceful space that we have made available to her. Since Apollonia is a member of our sponsorship program, all costs for her irritable shell disease are covered in full by NSALA’s animal health centers in Port Washington. Apollonia has told us that she would appreciate being the only pet in her home and we are happy to honor her request. Though our reunion is bittersweet, we see that she is the same regal beauty that we remember; We look forward to introducing her to a new family who are committed to giving all of their hearts.


Despite the huge setback of recently losing her beloved owner and home, 10 year old Emma (adoption # H200081) decided to help us find a new family by putting her best paw forward and her new temporary home in Bianca’s fur hugs friends cats adoption center. This plump friend has a heart as big as her belly – and which she will be happy to offer to rub immediately after meeting you. Emma became an employee immediately and we have no doubt that in no time she will win the hearts of her new family.

Contact to learn more about adopting one of NSALA’s adorable adoptive members!

Available for adoption at Rock N ‘Rescue NY


Spooky is a very friendly and loving little cat – think of her as an eternal cuddle – so it is suitable for all families looking for a gentle buddy who really wants to be with you and kisses you and pokes your head all day . She would make an ideal therapy cat as she makes everyone smile just because she is! The perfect family cat in the truest sense of the word!


Still a kitten, Caitlyn loves to cuddle and kiss you everywhere! She is a gentle girl and a master of kitten kisses and gives the best headbuttons. Perfect for someone who needs a best friend!


Get to know Lonnie! Such a ball of love and cuddling! What a tiny chubby fluffball. He’s just a bubbly, bubbly, happy boy waiting to be cuddled in his eternal home. Must be at least 25 years old.

Giacomo Hissanova

Giacomo is a good little cat who likes children and will likely get along with a gentle dog and even other cats. Yes, he’s FIV +, but that shouldn’t shorten his life and shouldn’t be a problem for other cats as it can only be transmitted through blood. Giacomo just wants to sit around and have someone call his own family.

Available for adoption through the Pioneers for Animals Welfare Society


Cassius is a very handsome 1 year old boy who comes from a difficult start so he can be suspicious and reserved at times, but with love and patience you can change this little boy’s world! He likes to play, but it can take a while to feel comfortable being a pet. What Cassius needs is patience and understanding until he can learn to trust that people can be kind and loving. There are few greater rewards in life than making an animal trust you!


This lovely 2 year old girl named Ginger was found on the street – the guess is that someone dumped her. I’m not sure why as she is one of the cutest cats you will ever meet! If you can give her the home she deserves, contact PAWS today for more information!

Mr. Whiskers
Mrs. Buffet

Mr. Whiskers and Mrs. Buffet recently lost the only house they ever knew when their older owner died and there are no families to take them in. A Good Samaritan has been feeding them for several months, but they need it much more. The house is being sold so they will soon be let out of the house. Mr. Whiskers is 4 years old and Mrs. Buffet is 10. They are very cute and a little shy. They are hungry for attention and love being around people. Both are neutered and fully checked.


Meet Oreo and Sasha. These adorable little 4 month old female kittens look and act just like that. You are a cute, connected couple and need a home of their own.

If you are interested in adopting one of these cute kittens please call 631-306-4616, contact, or visit

Available for adoption at Almost Home Animal Rescue / Shabby Tabby Cat Cafe


Tomasino is such a handsome guy! He is cute, gentle, and loves being a pet. Tomasino enjoys hanging out with his favorite people at the Shabby Tabby in Sayville! For more information about adopting Tomasino, contact Almost Home Animal Rescue at or call 631-627-3665.

Available for adoption at the Hempstead City Animal Shelter


Meet Sid – this handsome boy originally came to the shelter as a stray when he was 10 months old in 2017 but was adopted a few months later. Now Sid is back at the shelter due to behavior problems that have increased over the years. Sid is an active boy, but he doesn’t mind hanging out with you while you watch TV either. Sid is house trained, used to grooming, driving, and loves long walks and butt friction. Sid is looking for a low-traffic, adults-only home that is familiar with security in general. Sid never lived with any other dog, and preferred to do so, but he lived with a cat in his previous home. If Sid sounds like the guy to you, please call 516-785-5220 or email

Available for adoption at the Town of Smithtown Animal Shelter


Blaze is an 8-year-old pit rescued by Smithtown Animal Control Officers when found abandoned and left in a cage in Blydenburgh Park. As a result of this sad experience, he takes the time to trust a new person, but once he opens up, he shows how playful, intelligent, and loving he can be. Blaze knows his basic commands like sit, wait, shake paw, and he walks well on a leash. Blaze needs an adult-only home with no other pets and an owner who is familiar with raising large breed dogs. Blaze deserves a Furrever home, who will spend time giving him the love (and treats) he deserves, and understands that he had a tough life before the shelter. If you’re interested in meeting Blaze, call 631-360-7575 today for more information!

As always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop … pass it on!

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