Meet the startups participating within the Well being IT observe for INVEST Precision Medication Pitch Good

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The INVEST Precision Medicine Conference June 9-11, held online, will explore a wide range of topics, from advancing breakthrough therapies for rare diseases and cancer, genetic testing, health equity, pediatric innovations, and more.

To view the full agenda, Click here. To register for free, Click here.

But as with all MedCity events, startups will also be in the spotlight. The Pitch Perfect startup pitch competition has a health IT track scheduled for June 9th from 3: 30-5pm ET and a life science track scheduled for June 10th from 3: 30-5: 00 p.m. ET is scheduled. Earlier this week, we previewed the life science track companies. Here is a look at the companies on the health IT track:

BioXplor has developed a proprietary biomedical data platform and a product suite of tools and algorithms for clinical responder analysis, drug combinations and indication extension.

intelligence is a medical technology company transforming the way obesity is perceived and treated. Based on 30 years of clinical experience, our data-driven technology enables us to fight the obesity epidemic on a large scale by providing any medical provider with a comprehensive, turnkey solution for treating obesity patients either remotely or in person. Our software integrates with EHRs to improve outcomes and achieve cost savings through personalization and optimization of the diagnosis, prescriptive process and comprehensive regimen for treating obesity as a disease. Providers benefit from new revenue through more effective patient interactions and optimized billing, while payers and self-insured organizations achieve significant health-related cost savings through a healthier workforce.

Vocalis health is an AI health technology company pioneering the development of voice biomarkers – where health-related information is derived from analyzing human voice recordings – to screen, detect, monitor, and predict health symptoms, conditions, and diseases. Vocalis Health is currently focused on screening users for Covid-19 and monitoring patients with chronic conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), congestive heart failure (CHF) and pulmonary hypertension.

PhenoBiome is on a mission to become the gold standard for microbial-based solutions development, from assay development to therapeutics, in the human, animal and agricultural technology markets.

AIQ solutions has developed revolutionary software technology that will transform the way doctors deal with complex diseases such as metastatic cancer and neurological diseases. The cloud-based platform provides unique, early information to predict both treatment efficacy and toxicity risk from longitudinal data. AIQ’s technology does not diagnose disease; Rather, it enables the clinical team to make patient-specific adjustments to therapy in real time, which helps improve outcomes while reducing healthcare system costs. AIQ has developed and validated its product, received FDA approval, and is well on its way to achieving $ 1 million in sales in 2021. The company is actively seeking a $ 10 million Series A-1 to aid marketing efforts.

The judges for the course are:
Andrea Jackson, Director, Northpond Ventures
Alyssa Jaffee, partner, 7wireVentures
Taha Jangda, Partner, HealthX Ventures

Photo: Adam Taylor, Getty Images