Medical World News® has inside look at clinical and fun sides of veterinary medicine

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From bandage art to the world of nutraceuticals, these Medical World News® segments provide viewers with an insider’s look at the clinical and fun sides of veterinary medicine

After Hours: Bandage art

In this early installation of After Hours™, Jack Cameron, an emergency department technician at Stanford Health Care, explains what inspired him to create bandage art not only for human patients but veterinary patients as well.

Watch the full episode here.

Deep Dive: Veterinary nutraceuticals

Robert J. Silver, DVM, MS, is featured on this episode of Deep Dive™ to explain nutraceuticals for musculoskeletal arthritis in pets. The segment also describes what nutraceuticals are available to veterinary professionals, the controversy surrounding these products, and more.

Watch the full episode here.

Wellbeing Checkup: 3-pronged approach to veterinary wellness

In this episode of Wellbeing Checkup™, Betsy Charles, DVM, MA, explains the 3-pronged approach to help veterinary professionals improve their wellness. She also examines the joint role of personal responsibility and community support to help ignite change within broken systems.

Watch the full episode here.

After Hours: Veterinarian children’s author

Jacqueline Johnson, DVM, joins After Hours™ to discuss her book The Doggy Doctor and the Upset Tummy. She also details how embracing her passion for education and story-telling encouraged her to become an author.

Watch the full episode here.