Meals Drive Will Profit Buffalo Space Canine And Cats

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There’s a food ride, with a twist, that is about to take place and you are invited to help.

Hope Before Heaven organizers are putting together a food drive to take place on Saturday, May 8th, 10 am-3pm at Put Supplies Plus on 2952 Niagara Falls Blvd.

Hope Before Heaven serves families who own dogs and cats and need help with medical expenses for their pets. The aim is to find a solution to bring the pet back to health before the animal has to be euthanized as a last resort.

The May 8 Food Drive also takes other items and necessities such as toys, treats, and blankets.

Since the pandemic began, more and more organizations have sought public help to keep it going. Due to the COVID pandemic and guidelines, many of the events that nonprofits would normally count on have had to be canceled or postponed. 2021 has brought some changes and the need for support and donations is great.

Maybe you were one of the families who adopted a dog or cat in the last year? Many people who were at home were more likely to choose to take in a furry new family member. It only takes a few days to understand the love you have for her and that you would do anything to keep her as happy and healthy as possible. Chances are your pet could get seriously ill, thanks to Hope Before Heaven and other organizations like this one.

For more information call 716-236-7346 or just drop by and support the Food Drive on May 8th!

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