Massive Cat Behaves Like a Home Pet and Chases Laser Pointer Round

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Cats are the real kings of the internet. There are plenty of videos online of them playing, knocking things over, and reacting to pickles.

The owners love to show their cats various toys, including laser pointers, and share the resulting hilarity online.

But it seems cats of all shapes and sizes can’t resist the light after a zoo visitor shared a clip of Bobcat going wild over the elusive red dot.

Brett Otten shared a clip with TikTok on Tuesday from his visit to the Minnesota Zoo that garnered hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Otten said in the clip: “I brought my Lazer to the zoo. I think big cats like them too. [sic]””

It shows the red dot shining on the walls of the animal enclosure, with the cat following it, jumping up and trying to chase it – just like a pet.

Lady Amalthia commented, “Cats r cats no matter how big lol … boxes r universal.”

“This is incredible,” added TikToker Matt.

Darkstar thought, “Domestic cats are pretty much the same as wildcats.”

Sami pointed out, “Do you want to have fun? Go to an aquarium and watch the fish chase it! You will be entertained for a while.”

And VirtualSavior69 added, “Note that in the event of a big cat attack, you always have a laser with you.”

But some people claimed the practice was cruel, and some zoos may have guidelines regarding external stimuli.

Elizabeth Collins wrote, “Most zoos have signs asking not to do this because it frustrates the cat.”

The pet website Cat Health also warned people never to point a laser pointer in the eye of a cat’s eye as it could interfere with their vision.

They said, “When a cat chases the red dot of a laser light, it never catches it. It dances around, it stalks and just pounces to find that it is gone or is now on its paw. This is incredible frustrating for your cat, it needs to feel the satisfaction of catching its prey at least once in a while.

“Laser light is also dangerous when shining into a cat’s eyes, which can cause permanent eye damage and is also a problem for human eyes.”

Another big cat made headlines earlier today after a mountain lion was discovered in a residential neighborhood in San Francisco.

The cat was captured on a doorbell in the Portola and Bernal Heights neighborhoods while also walking through Bernal Heights Park.

Residents called Animal Care & Control and advised locals to stay cautious.

Officers checked footage of the mountain lion seen on Interstate 280 and found it was wearing a collar.

Animal Care and Control told CBS San Francisco that the mountain lion was likely lost and has already returned to its home.

“If he’s still in town, he’s probably scared and crouching down somewhere to wait for it to get dark so he can leave,” said Virginia Donohue, executive director of the agency.

Newsweek reached out to the Minnesota Zoo for comment.

Stock image of a bobcat. A man captured a large cat that was behaving like a pet while hunting for a laser pointer.
Anita Elder Design / Getty Images