September 23, 2021

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Veterinarian Daily News

Massachusetts woman’s lost cat turns up six years later

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July 26 (UPI) – A Massachusetts woman whose cat escaped her third-floor apartment through a loose window grille was reunited with her pet six years later.

Margaret Kudzma said the cat, named Mini Max, slipped out of her downtown Peabody apartment through a loose window grille in 2015 and used posters, online posts and newspaper ads to try to find the wayward cat.

In 2016, Kudzma even started her own nonprofit rescue group, The Rescue Business, when, while searching for Mini Max, she discovered a large colony of feral cats that lived in her neighborhood.

Kudzma said she was shocked last week when she received a call from Dr. Samantha Simonelli, a Wakefield veterinarian who found her information on the microchip of a cat brought in with ear mites.

“Everything I heard was ‘gray and white’ and I had to hang up the phone,” said Kudzma of the newspaper “The Eagle-Tribune”.

Kudzma learned that Mini Max was sighted in Revere, where a family fed the cat for several months before bringing him to their home. They took him to the vet when they saw his ear mites, and that’s when Simonelli found the microchip.

“A real miracle has happened,” said Kudzma in a Facebook post. “Thanks to everyone who took part in this search!”

Kudzma said she had a thorough check-up on Mini Max to make sure he didn’t have any other health problems or permanent injuries from jumping out of her third-floor window.

She said she was preparing her apartment so that Mini Max would have her own space away from the kittens she is caring for.

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