Marion woman arrested after police find dead cats in apartment

Rebecca Pisarcik charged with four serious offenses

Rebecca Pisarcik, 24, was arrested Monday after officers found four dead cats in her apartment, according to Marion police, which she had not visited in weeks. (Linn County Sheriff’s Office)

MARION – A 24-year-old Marion woman was arrested Monday after officials found four dead cats in her apartment, according to court documents, which she had not visited in weeks.

Officials were called to Rebecca Pisarcik’s apartment on the 700 block of Bentley Drive at 5:36 p.m. Monday for reported animal neglect. They were told they would find a dead cat in the apartment and the officers confirmed that an arrest report said they could see one through Pisarcik’s apartment window.

Since she was not at home, she was contacted at work – and Pisarcik returned home a short time later. She gave them permission to go to her home and they found the remains of four cats that “apparently died of neglect”. According to the police, they were in various stages of decay.

A “barely alive” cat “showed obvious signs of malnutrition,” police reported. This surviving cat was brought to Cedar Rapids Animal Care & Control.

Pisarcik told investigators they were her cats, but she hadn’t been home for about two weeks.

“The defendant further admitted that she did not provide the cats with food or water and did not induce anyone to look after the animals,” the police said.

Pisarcik was arrested in four courts on neglect of animals resulting in death and on charges of neglect of non-fatal animals.

It is held in bonds instead of $ 8,300. Court documents filed after their first appearance on Tuesday suggest that Pisarcik could benefit from his “intensive mental health re-entry and prison diversion program”.

Therefore, as a condition for her release, she must be checked for suitability.

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