Mansfield News Journal reporter brought Katy the cat home 3 years ago

This is not the column I wanted to write.

For my third anniversary when I brought Katy the cat home, I had planned to interview other people who were close to her to get their impressions.

On Labor Day weekend, however, I didn’t know if Katy would make it to our third anniversary.

Katy went without eating for more than five days. It’s gone from a hefty 12 pounds at its peak to 8.7 pounds. I can clearly feel her spine when I stroke her.

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The long haired tabby cat showed similar symptoms around Memorial Day. We do not know, why.

Katy seemed so weak. I could tell it was fading.

However, sometime last Friday overnight, Katy finally ate something to eat.

Off to the vet and for a blood test

The next morning, Dr. Jordan Phillips stopped by on his day off to get Katy blood tests. I didn’t know how bad the situation had gotten.

While we waited for the results of the blood test, I heard Dr. Jordan with Dr. Andrew Scherrer discussed. They discussed whether Katy’s organs were starting to fail.

When I stood in the next room with Katy, I thought: “Is she dying?”

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I’ve held it together long enough to see Dr. Get Jordan. Katy’s organs hadn’t started to close yet.

If Katy hadn’t eaten a little overnight, Dr. Jordan, she needed a feeding tube in her throat. It would take surgery, hospitalization, and probably thousands of dollars that I don’t have.

Saying not to worry doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry

Dr. Jordan said the calcium levels in Katy’s blood were a little high, which he told me could mean about 15 different things. He said not to worry now.

Of course, I had to do my own research online and found that high calcium levels could be a sign of kidney failure or various types of cancer.

When I left, Dr. Jordan an appetizer, an ointment to put on Katy’s ear. The vet assured me that even a few nibbles would feed Katy.

When I paid my bill, I snapped at a vet. I was upset and frustrated. I called her to apologize.

During the long weekend vacation I spent almost 100% of my time with Katy. I was out for about an hour on Saturday. When I got back I could see Katy was in her meal.

On Sunday afternoon I actually saw her eat a bit. She came back!

Convenience in sweatpants and food too

I noticed a few subtle changes in Katy’s behavior while spending so much time with her. For one thing, she slept in my bed a lot more than she normally does, especially when I was lying in it.

I usually leave my sweatpants at the foot of the bed. She slept on it. Perhaps it was a consolation to be near her. Hopefully. I know it was for me

Plus, Katy kneaded more than I’ve ever seen her. Kneading, also known as “baking cookies,” is the movement kittens make with their paws to stimulate breast milk.

Katy walked into town in my sweatpants. Kneading is a sign of satisfaction and another sign that it is gathering.

I tried to convince myself that Katy had been through worse. For those who don’t know the story, someone tortured Katy with a firecracker in July 2018, inserted it into her anus, and set it off.

Katy was lucky that she survived and developed as well as she did. She could not have had a bowel movement, which would have killed her. She could also have been incontinent, which would have prevented her from being a pet.

I counted on Katy’s incredible will to live to get her through again. She used up two of her nine lives.

On Monday night, Katy was back to her old self. She tried to get into a grocery bag of goodies that I feed the street cats at the News Journal.

Normally I would have scolded her for it, but I didn’t mind.

She could use a few pounds.


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