Manenberg dogs trained to attack cats find a new lease on life

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On Monday, August 16, the Tierschutzbund SA tracked down and confiscated two dogs that were responsible for the death of several cats in Manenberg.

Two animal behaviorists confirmed that the two dogs were trained to attack on command. They were also confident that both dogs could be rehabilitated.

“Because of this optimistic outlook, we’ve spent a lot of time changing their behavior for the better,” says the Animal Welfare Society of SA.

After two weeks of training, both Doggos hardly notice any cats around them. The cat at the local hospital pays them more attention than she does.

“We have invested in their general health as well and are pleased to announce that their once scarred faces and depraved bodies are now almost free of their ugly and abusive past. The change in both dogs was a miracle! “

Faith (the Pit Bull Cross) no longer crouches in fear when you raise your hand to stroke her and has just started enthusiastically wagging her tail, which was previously wedged tightly between her skinny little legs. And Bobby – well, where should we start – he can “pee” painlessly for the first time in ages and has developed a mischievous wink that is reminiscent of a puppy exploring the world for the first time.

“You really deserve your second chance and we hope that in due time there will be someone out there willing to invite you into your heart and home.”

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