Man who battered labrador canine with a shovel jailed after showing at Inverness Sheriff Court docket

Inverness Sheriff Court.

A man has been detained for eight months after hitting a dog over the head with a shovel and then denying his guilt.

Sheriff Eilidh Macdonald told William Allan, 52, that he had carried out a “brutal and violent” attack.

She also criticized Allan of Benula Road in Inverness for “lying” and showing a lack of remorse about the incident.

Allan was found guilty of violating the Animal Health and Welfare Act in Inverness Sheriff Court following a trial last month.

The verdict was postponed because of a background report.

He was convicted of causing unnecessary harm to a dog named Bono, who belonged to another person, by repeatedly hitting him on the head with a shovel or similar instrument in a house in Lawers’ Way, Inverness, on January 30, 2020 and mouth slapped.

After reading a social worker’s report today, Sheriff Macdonald found that Allan “is still denying what he was found guilty of”.

The trial had heard Allan claim that the dog followed him out the door, which was then hit on the head.

Allan admitted previous convictions, and Sheriff Macdonald told him, “You have a history of violent behavior.

“You were found guilty of repeatedly beating the dog with a gun over an extended period of time.

“There were injuries – the dog’s teeth were broken and blood splattered on the walls. Then you lied about it.

“You have shown a lack of remorse and you are still denying the incident.

“It was a hideous act and had a profound effect on those who saw it.

“The only reason I haven’t locked you up for 12 months is because the dog has recovered physically.”

Defense attorney Marc Dickson admitted that choosing between custody or unpaid work was “a bad choice” for the court.

He said his client was taking anti-anxiety medication and his condition may have contributed to “spontaneous acts”.

He added, “He has a historical record, but there have been long periods when he has not had any problems.”